Obama and Romney in Vote Mobile App

Vote!!! App Lets Users Watch Romney And Obama Lay The Smack Down

Vote!!! is the mobile application we have been waiting for. Not only does the app combine politics, fighting, and sheer wackiness, it does so with the smackdown help of President Barack Obama and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Available now for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) users, the Vote!!! app is free to download and play.

Created by Epic Games at the urging of the Rock the Vote campaign, the program is meant to encourage active voter participation.

In the program, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off against one another as cartoon caricatures of themselves. Obama and Romney beat each other up with the help of microphones, Statue of Liberty light sabers, and even politically-based Popsicles.

The more points a politician scores, the more votes they receive.

Both Obama and Mitt Romney can be customized with outfits that include boxing shorts and an Uncle Sam costume along with various accessories such as a handlebar mustache.

The game also allows users to choose various locations including the Oval office and a debate stage.

While Obama and Romney fight they can also call out various catchphrases such as “Oh yeah. That’s what Barack is cooking!”

I’m not sure how this game will get voters to the polls, but watching Mitt Romney get beaten down by a handlebar mustache wearing Barack Obama in the oval office is pretty darn funny.

Do you think mobile apps like Vote!!! are a good way to attract more younger voters to the polls in November?

I particularly like the hot dog on a poker stick.