Runaway Cow Injures Montana Man

Runaway Cow Injures Montana Construction Worker

A Montana construction worker who was attempting to help police corral a runaway cow has suffered a few injuries as a result of his heroics, according to The Associated Press. The bovine escapee was on a rampage, and the poor guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Morgan Logan, who claims the cow charged him like a “bull at a rodeo,” suffered broken bones in his leg after being tossed into the air by the 1,200 pound animal while assisting authorities with their endeavor. After knocking its would-be captor aside, the cow continued its rampage throughout the city before a police sniper shot the bovine through the heart.

“I’ve been around livestock my whole life, so at first sight I thought it was pretty funny seeing cops chase a cow down the street,” Logan explained. “But she was like a bull at a rodeo. I guess I saw her too late because the next thing I knew I was in the air. I had no fence to climb — she caught me right in the open.”

Logan was taken to an area hospital for treatment. He was released on Wednesday.

After escaping from the Public Auction Yards on Tuesday, the cow decided to take a detour through the city of Billings, terrorizing pedestrians and knocking over a bicyclist during its short-lived holiday.

Although shooting the runaway cow may sound inhumane, area police ultimately had no other choice in the matter.

“It’s not like we are out in the pasture,” Lieutenant Kevin Iffland explained to the Billings Gazette. “This was a totally different scenario of asphalt and a lot of traffic. We are not equipped to wrangle large animals in a city environment.”

“There were a lot of factors that were considered that went into this as well — backgrounds and angles, and whether to shoot in the head or heart,” Iffland added. “We were certainly concerned with the most humane way and the safest way.”

The runaway cow was taken to the local landfill for disposal.