khloe kardashian admits hating blac chyna in kuwtk episode over rob romance

Khloe Kardashian Slams Rob For Not Telling Family About Blac Chyna Romance, Unwilling To Accept Relationship: ‘KUWTK’ Recap

Khloe Kardashian was far from happy when she learned about Rob’s romance with Blac Chyna — not so much because she didn’t like the socialite, but because of the history that the family has with her.

In last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe stresses that she is disappointed with Rob’s decision, particularly since he spent four years of his life hiding in his room at her house, unwilling to cooperate with the family and not even show up to Kim’s wedding.

And all of a sudden, he meets Blac Chyna and wants to have his own reality show, he makes a Snapchat account, publicizes their entire romance over social media, and signs on to make club appearances with Chyna for a reported $70,000 per show.

Khloe doesn’t know how to handle the news, especially since Rob had been so distant from the family to the point where he wasn’t even telling them how he was feeling and why he suddenly wants to date the ex-girlfriend to his sister’s boyfriend.

In an intimate conversation with sister Kim, Khloe couldn’t get her head around the fact that her brother has all of a sudden embraced the fame and publicity now that he’s in a relationship with Blac Chyna, having spent four years of his life hiding in her home.

Khloe Kardashian Says Her

“Question, don’t we kind of think it’s a miracle that Rob, who doesn’t even show up to Christmas in the past three years, he wouldn’t even leave his room, the fact that now he has created a Snapchat, the fact that now he wants to be so public blows my mind,” she argued.

Kim agreed with Khloe Kardashian for the most part but went on to stress that if he genuinely enjoys being with Blac Chyna, the family can’t stop him from being who he wants to be with. With that being said, however, the fact that Rob kept his romance with Blac away from his siblings, especially Kylie, who was still dating Tyga at the time, seemed rather disrespectful.

“Do what you want, do what makes you happy, but he should have said to us, ‘Hey guys, this is how I feel, I can’t help who I love and I fell in love with her, but Kylie should know this.’ He just has no loyalty,” Kim concluded.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two didn’t know how to react when she first learned about Rob’s relationship with Blac Chyna, who he decided to move in with just weeks after announcing their romance to the public.

Kim was formerly known as a close pal to Chyna before Tyga would go on to date Kylie, consequently dumping Blac and leaving behind their 3-year-old son Cairo to move in with the 18-year-old in Calabasas.

For obvious reasons, Blac Chyna was left fuming, but it didn’t take her long before she would go on to find happiness again when she met Rob. The former stripper has helped the USC graduate lose an impressive amount of weight, having hired a personal trainer and a chef to keep the TV personality on the right path in getting his perfect body back.

All in all, Khloe and Kim Kardashian cannot fault Blac Chyna for how she has tremendously helped their brother regain his confidence, but their relationship came as a surprise — and the fact that neither Blac nor Rob would tell the family about their romance quickly developed tension between the couple and the family.

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