mariah carey cancel james packer wedding over nick cannon

Mariah Carey Cancelling James Packer Wedding As Nick Cannon Stalls Divorce Process: Jealous Of Wife’s New Man?

Mariah Carey is fuming over the supposed fact that she will not be able to marry James Packer this summer since Nick Cannon continues to drag out the finalization of their divorce process.

Carey and Cannon filed for divorce back in 2014, and while Mariah’s lawyers have tried to get all the paperwork and property sharing done within weeks following the announcement, Nick is bitter about his soon-to-be ex-wife moving on with a multi-billionaire businessman.

According to reports, Nick is throwing all kinds of reasons into the mix of things as to why he doesn’t want to sign off on the divorce just yet. With James Packer in the picture, Cannon knows how badly Mariah Carey wants to get married again, but he is willing to prevent her from being happy until he gets what he wants — money.

In a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Williams claimed that Nick was delaying the divorce process because he’s allegedly not willing to walk away from the marriage without a significant amount of money that he deems as appropriate.

Carey, on the other hand, supposedly feels that she doesn’t owe Nick anything. While she’s not that bothered about certain properties, for her to have money withdrawn from her bank accounts for the sake of pleasing Nick Cannon is just not going to happen.

Another source continued, “Mariah is heartbroken and cannot understand what Nick is dong. She wants this over now and has told her lawyers that she will not take no for an answer. Mariah is used to getting her own way and is livid that this is taking so long. She is blaming Nick for ruining her big wedding and will never forgive him.”

As previously mentioned, Mariah and James were reportedly planning to tie the knot this summer, as Packer’s own divorce from Erica Packer has yet to be finalized. But according to reports, James and Erica aren’t in the same situation as Carey and Nick — their divorce is bound to be settled within weeks, which would’ve given the businessman enough time to plan his wedding to the R&B singer.

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It is unclear how much Nick Cannon reportedly wants from Mariah before he’s willing to sign the papers and conclude the divorce process once and for all, but considering that the 46-year-old is unwilling to cooperate with the America’s Got Talent host on the deal, the sum is presumably out of Carey’s range — at least for what she thinks Nick is entitled to.

Mariah’s fans are puzzled by news of Nick Cannon’s decision to delay the divorce. After all, the self-proclaimed rapper will still be walking away with child and possible spousal support once the divorce has finally been settled.

With Mariah reportedly agreeing to share properties with Nick and with the benefits he is bound to receive from Carey, the supposed fact that he is allegedly trying to get more money out of her seems absolutely absurd.

How do you feel about Nick Cannon allegedly stalling the divorce to prevent Mariah Carey from marrying multi-billionaire James Packer? Is it a cheap move from a grown man who is supposed to be worth $40 million?

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