Family therapist gave lesson on how to beat your wife on national TV on Saudi Arab

‘How To Beat Your Wife?’ Aired On Saudi Arabian National Television [Video]

A family therapist from Saudi Arabia was reported to be giving lesson on how to beat your wife on national television.

The video was originally aired in the Islamic nation on February, 2016. The video is reported to be approved by the government and granted permission to be shown on national television according to awdnews.

The video features a Saudi family doctor named Khaled Al-Saqaby who is teaching men how to beat their wives properly in case wives disobey their husbands commands.

“The first step is to remind her of your rights and of her duties according to Allah. Then comes the second step – forsaking her in bed. The third step, beating, has to correspond with the necessary Islamic conditions before taking action. The beating should not be performed with a rod, nor should it be a headband, or a sharp object. Instead, husbands should use a ‘tooth-cleaning twig or with a handkerchief’ to beat their wife. The wife will feel that she was wrong in the way she treated her husband,” says Al-Saqaby.

To put his hyperbole to end, Al-Saqaby says his teaching of how to beat wives is not my way or the highway and implied that men can use their own methods to beat their wives to extreme if they’re found disobeying husband’s commands.

He went on to add that women are responsible for domestic violence for being overly ‘stubborn’ up to the point that it provokes violent actions from husbands.

“In addition, sometimes a woman makes a mistake that may lead her husband to beat her. I’m sad to say there are some women who say ‘Go ahead, if you are a real man, beat me’ She provokes them,” he adds in the video.

Al-Shaqby points out that men should not resort to violence as a first option, but should “discipline their wives first” before using violence. He also implied that there is no room for equality in marriage and men should be allowed to run their homes however they please.

“Unfortunately, some wives want to live a life of equality with their husband,” he says, stressing that this was the main reasons a man may beat his wife.

“This is a very grave problem,” he added

Awdnews also added that only after the video was aired in the middle eastern Islamic kingdom, the Saudi government released the controversial video in the United States via the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute, in April 2016.

This video has agitated both the women right and human right groups and Al-Shaqby is receiving a lot of criticism from the west. Matt Agorist of the Free Thought Project bashed the video saying that teaching on the subject should not be taken serious because it is full of his own interpretations, in order to support notorious actions of the ruling class families.

Many women right activist groups have demanded U.S. government to take this video down as it is demeaning for women, but according to amdnews, neither the State Department, which is responsible for international relations for the country, nor any government official from the White House, has commented on the controversial video.

Saudia Arabia is a country particularly notorious for women. Recently, the Inquisitr reported that Saudi Arabian women could be jailed if they were found looking at their husband’s phones without permission. In addition to turning a blind eye to women right, Saudi Arabia also follows Islamic teachings too seriously and condemns LGBTQ people.

[Photo by Jordan Pix/Getty images]