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Tony Farmer: Top Basketball Recruit Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Kidnapping

Tony Farmer: Top Basketball Recruit Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Kidnapping

Tony Farmer was a blue chip basketball recruit who seemed destined for Division I basketball, but instead the 6-foot-7 high school standout will be spending the next three years in prison.

The Ohio high school star, an 18-year-old senior at Garfield Heights High School, was handed the three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to kidnapping, felony assault, and other crimes, Yahoo! Sports Blog The Dagger reported.

Tony Farmer’s sentence came as a bit of a surprise to those following the trial. After pleading guilty he had a number of teachers, coaches, and family members testify on his behalf. Even the ex-girlfriend he assaulted, Andrea Lane, asked that Farmer not be sent to prison.

“If you give him a chance, he’s in good hands,” Sonny Johnson, Garfield Heights High School’s varsity basketball coach, told the judge, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Joni Wanderstock, one of Tony Farmer’s teachers, also spoke.

“Instead of his massive height, I see his massive heart,” said Wanderstock, Farmer’s English teacher.

Nearly two dozen of those supporters were on hand for the sentencing, including Lane herself. Farmer was convicted of assaulting her in the parking lot of her apartment complex in Bedford Heights, with much of the incident being caught on tape.

As the judge read the sentence, Tony Farmer collapsed to the ground in anguish, with sheriff’s deputies having to hold him. Even Lane was sobbing in the crowed, The Dagger reported.

“I know he was a good person,” she said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I hope he still is.”

Tony Farmer was a consensus top 100 prospect and was being recruited by many successful Division I programs like Ohio State, Xavier, and Michigan State.

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64 Responses to “Tony Farmer: Top Basketball Recruit Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Kidnapping”

  1. Gerard Hoskins

    Though this is sad story for both the perpetrator and victim(s), I am not quite ready to say that his life is necessarily "ruined". There are stories of young athletes turning their lives around after prison (Vick, Burress) .

    I would even argue that the judge may well have "saved" his life by sending him away and making him pay for his mistakes. Too often the gifted jock is exalted, coddled, and pampered: all the while the very adults (parents, coaches, teachers) who should be correcting and humbling them look the other way for the sake of "winning".

    Mr. Farmer had the world in his hands, the chance to live out a fantasy life of fame and riches that scarce few mortals can ever dream of. But is was he who threw it all away by his own actions despite numerous warnings and second, third, and even fourth chances.

    Perhaps if OJ had an early wake-up call early in his life things would have turned out much different for two people who aren't with us today.

    So, as I do truly feel empathy for him and his family, I say good for the judge and good for society. Hopefully all other out-of-control, privileged young stars will take notice and think twice about their reckless choices.

  2. Stales Room

    Not a smart move by the judge! We could have used his dumb aahss by giving him a 30.
    day sentence with 10 years probation. Also, impose a fine of 2 million dollars with 1 million.
    going to the victim and another going to the state for other victims of domestic violence.
    What a wasted opportunity for ALL!

  3. Shon Johnson

    It was in ruin when he decided to kidnap and assault a woman. Prison is what happens when you do that! At what point do we say OK, that was a line you weren't supposed to cross. Sorry but there's going to be repercussions for that one kiddo. Was he hoping for probation for kidnapping and assault? Why because he was young? Because he had a gift so many wanted to see taken advantage of? Breaking a window, sure. Stealing hubcaps, OK. Caught with weed, maybe. Crimes against another person, nope sorry gotta draw the line there. More Serious crimes against another person you had a realationship with, well lets just say he was lucky in that the judge didn't try to send a message to him and everyone else by loading his sentence up. She could have very easily not ran the sentences concurrently for example. Now that would have ruined his life. First time in prison the minimum time served per year is 30-45 days, so he's eligible for release in 3 – 4 1/2 months for crying out loud!!! That is as long as he doesn't go getting stupid in jail, like he did with his ex…

  4. Daniel Adams

    Just another dumb black man going to prison , they just don't get it and never will. They cant blamr the white girl this time like blacks like to do when a black guy gets in trouble that is with a white girl. Blacks like to be violent and all it does is get them in trouble. They will never learn no wonder we have the highest prison population in the world.

  5. Wes Lewis

    Since you know so much about black people, maybe you should learn something about yourself: You look WAY too old to be wearing your hat backwards. Get a real job and maybe, just maybe, your status as "Top Commenter" on won't be your top accomplishment in life. Eat shit.

  6. Sylvia Johnson

    This is why domestic violence continues and so many victims have trouble getting help. Friends and family look the other way and minimize how bad the situation is. Girls and women stick up for the abuser and cover it up. It is a cycle. He promises to do better. He is nice for a while.(cycle of abuse) The situation escalates and she ends up dead or (mysteriously disappeared). To my understanding she had broken up with him. That is when most women get murdered when they leave the abuser. He has been identified early as an abuser. He has to know that it will not be tolerated.

  7. Michael Soward

    Life has really just begun anew for this great young man….Life is real and you have to take real care as to how you live it.

  8. Michael Soward

    Near sir….Blacks Violent? we've been raped, hung, burned, beaten, by your folk for decades and you have the nerve to say we're violent? That's laughable!

  9. Anonymous

    I am angry after seeing both video of: Tony Farmer stomping the girl several times in the head, Tony Farmer sucker punching with full force the girl in the face, and him dragging her by the hair. –He should have gotten at least 5 years in prison.

  10. Michael Lee Ó Foghladha-Röhm

    He's just another dumb jock who was able to be king of the school in high school who is shocked that in the real world, things like athletic ability don't absolve you like they do in school.

    If I were to do the same thing as Farmer did, would people be mourning the fact that I was sentenced, since "despite all of that," I'm a good writer? No, of course not. It wouldn't factor into anyone's decision.

    No one would say, "I loved his essay on Beowulf in our AP English class! He could have been a great professor, journalist or author!" because no one cares how much I know about Beowulf if I am dragging women around by their hair and otherwise harassing them.

    Why should it be any different because he can throw a ball?

  11. Sylvia Johnson

    @ Michael Soward it is not even worth having a conversation. I think that is why everyone has ignored it. (As if domestic violence is exclusive to blacks) You can't fake that kind ignorance if someone paid you.

  12. Pete Baker

    Farmer is a thug and a bully. Obviously he has never been held accountable for his actions. Thought he could do anything he wanted without consequences.
    Choose to ignore the court order. What a man beating up a women……….. Showed what a sissy he really is crying and fainting in court………That video won't do him any favor when he gets to prison………

  13. Irene Ferraro

    Wow never hear about this guy or his situation. Looked up at the daily news channel and saw him faint when sentencing was handed down to him. I felt a sense of empathy for him. Then right after that scene they showed a hidden hallway video tape of him punching someone in the face and the person falling to the ground. The empathy suddenly left me. I thought it was a senior citizen. He continued to punch the person and kick the person in the head. I'm still in shock. The girlfriend doesn't want to press charges. She needs help, I hope she gets it. I don't care what color he was…it was evil…pure evil…

  14. Irene Ferraro

    Wow never hear about this guy or his situation. Looked up at the daily news channel and saw him faint when sentencing was handed down to him. I felt a sense of empathy for him. Then right after that scene they showed a hidden hallway video tape of him punching someone in the face and the person falling to the ground. The empathy suddenly left me. I thought it was a senior citizen. He continued to punch the person and kick the person in the head. I'm still in shock. The girlfriend doesn't want to press charges. She needs help, I hope she gets it. I don't care what color he was…it was evil…pure evil…

  15. Shawanda Brown

    Well I guess he will think twice about putting his hands on a women.

  16. Lisa Pack

    Amen! You could see he was "shocked".. Did you see the video of what he did?

  17. Phyllis Heabeart Montgomery

    The thing that got him sent away was the fact that he still threatened her with text messages, one told her he should've did worse to her than he did, after he was told to stay away from her and never apologized. This was what the judge said in an interview after the sentencing. I'm sure by what she said the sentence would not have been as bad as it was had he not done these things after. The circle of abuse needs to stop no matter what color the person is!

  18. Steve Pearce

    I am so sick and tired of all this race bullshit. We are all people and thats the end of the story. If you cannot accept the fact that someone has a different culture or skin colour, Then I personally have no use for you. History cannot be forgotten, However it can be forgiven. It's not like our generation had anything to do with it. So it's time to leave all the racism in the past and leave it there, rise above it. Look at everyone as an equal as I do. END OF STORY !.

  19. Anonymous

    he deserves more time than that. If you disagree, then maybe you haven't seen the video of him beating the girl.

  20. Anonymous

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, plain and simple. He deserves what he gets. Now he'll see what it feels to be terrorized. I understand he is remorseful for what he did but still he has to pay for his crime. I wonder did those people speak on his behalf bc of his potential pro basketball career. Would they have stepped up if he was an ordinary kid? This should teach all those athletes out there that justice will be served.

  21. Anonymous

    You're calling a guy who beat up a girl and terrorized her "great"? Are you high? What would you call a child molestor, "misunderstood child lover"?

  22. Sylvia Johnson

    Lisa Pack By the look on his face I believe that he thought that he could get away with this. I believe he thought since he has some accomplishments and people speaking up for him that he would get a slap on the wrist. That girl looked like she got scared when she saw him. That indicates that he has done this before.

  23. Sylvia Johnson

    @ khmerkreation Is he remorseful? or is he busted? He is in trouble because he was under a no contact order. He was sending her threatening messages and telling her he should have done worse. Does not sound like remorse to me. He had already gotten a slap on the wrist. Obviously he was not happy with that. I wonder if he thinks society should allow him to be a woman beater because he is a good ball player. Is that what his supporters are saying? Then if he makes it pro or even to some big college team he will have more women to beat up on. No one will press charges or speak up against it because he is an athlete. What? The next time a girl breaks up with him she winds up dead or missing. I doubt they would have spoken up for him if he had been just your average obscure kid.

  24. Shawanda Brown

    so black men are the only violent people..tell that to the people sitting in that movie theater when that orange haired fool started shooting up the place

  25. Sylvia Johnson

    @ Shawanda Brown They are so busy racially profiling that no one notices him and the Colombine boys stockpiling an arsenol. That is why the Ted Bundy and the Craigs list killer slipped through. (They look all American!!!) I really was just not going to go there. Speaking of domestic violence what about that fool that killed his sons and blew up the house during his week end visitation.

  26. Ross A. Carter

    I guess he will probably end up at Utah State, where Coach Stew Morrill has a fantastic reputation of reaching out to young players who have made mistakes in life. The post below by Sylvia Johnson makes some very valid points which I agree with, however I still love stories of when young adults make mistakes & turn their life around. Let's hope after he has been released , he has the chance to prove that he is rehabilitated.

  27. Daniel Adams

    blacks sold the blacks dont blame white people for that. blacks dont have thick skin like whites. whites dont let petty things bother them like blacks. when something doenst go a black persons way they get violent. we have all seen it. they mindlessly kill each other a pair of stupid worthless sneakers or over five dollars. we all know its true just watch the news every night. black was killed the other night in atlanta over a lottery ticket by 3 young black men. typical behavior.

  28. Daniel Adams

    leading cause of death for young black men is gun violence since you decided to go there. black people have to go there you dont have anything else to talk about besides race. thats all i ever hear blacks talk about. just keep looking the other way it not going to get better.

  29. Daniel Adams

    Come to Atlanta and you wont be calling anybody a racist, You will be calling the police on these apes. Just stay in Washington where you are safe.

  30. Asia Dubois-Bates


  31. Asia Dubois-Bates

    Only reason those are the statistics is bc white ppl get away with it by wearing a badge, a political suit or just plain being white all these mass murders slip through the cracks and are smiling in police face never suspected just because their white you should really get some knowledge before you open your mouth again!

  32. Daniel Adams

    a few random killings by whites are nothing compared to black on black killings and black on white killings.The leading cause of death for young black me is gun violence. you are clueless. Whites are not out there killing all these young black men its their own race. Keep making excuses like most blacks do for all their failures and problems.

  33. Dolf Imfo

    You can say what you want about "blacks", Mr. Adams. At the end of the day you are the only one who has rendered himself un-hireable by any reputable company in any developed nation based on your insipid and racist comments. For your sake I hope you're independently wealthy, perpetually self-employed, or using an alias, because these comments are out here forever, and as a corporate recruiter I can tell you; these comments will be with your name 100 years from now.

    Just to add some additional commentary; if I didn't know better I would say you look much more like a terrorist than a "white". Hope no one judges you by your looks…again….for your sake. Allah akbar!

  34. Jason Smith

    It's sad that someone so ignorant still can't see past color. Regardless of violent or nonviolent crime crime is crime no matter the color of the one doing it. Numbers can be manipulated to prove points I learned that in stat & prob. You say ninety percent of violent crime is done by blacks well sir 97% of mass homicides and 91% of sexual abuse cases involving children are caucasian

  35. Daniel Adams

    I work for myself so you dont need to worry about that What somebody looks like means nothing so you can say whatever you want. At least I have the balls to post a pic instead a pic of my eyes. As for what I post none of my post go on my FB page. Idiot!

  36. Dolf Imfo

    I see you removed your picture! So….Mr. self employed who doesn't care what anyone thinks…..explain to me why I, and everyone else on this thread, doesn't get it?

    And google archives everything, so your picture and your comments will live on the internet forever.

    All you have to do is access the google cache, which is open to everyone. Enjoy regretting your racist BS attitude in 40 years, Daniel!!!

  37. Dolf Imfo

    And by the way, if you want to see a link to your profile, your picture, and your comments in the google archives, just send me a message and I'll send you the link. You removed your picture because you are a coward. But(!), it's too late! You might as well own it now, Daniel. It will follow you forever, so you're better off just being the racist who looks like a terrorist because maybe, just maybe, another racist will hire you someday.

    You sir, are an imbecile.

  38. Sylvia Johnson

    Jason Smith The media distort reality, and influence people by choosing to present and with hold information and by portraying things a certain way.

  39. Sylvia Johnson

    Jason Smith The media distort reality, and influence people by choosing to present and with hold information and by portraying things a certain way.

  40. Joan Wau

    wow! you're a racsist piece of shit! There are far more white wife beaters out there, and I bet you are one of them, redneck!

  41. Frank Kelly

    I'm white sir…..and I would like to apologize for my fellow race and his ignorant remarks.

  42. Brian Button

    I see a lot of posts here equating the incident to Tony Farmer's race. I think one has nothing to do with the other. I think it is more a case of an athletically gifted youth with a warped sense of entitlement and virtually no moral compass. It seemed clear in his sentencing video that he had no understanding as to why he was being punished with jail time. I think it would be inaccurate to say that Tony Farmer knew beating his girlfriend was wrong but did it anyway. It wold be more accurate to say that, to Tony, his actions were not only acceptable but probably warranted. I'd be willing to bet that, even now, Tony believes that he is in jail and that his future as a pro athlete has been taken from him not because of his actions, but because of his ex girlfriend and an over zealous judge. It's unlikely that Tony Farmer will find rehabilitation, but at least for now he is unable to hurt anyone but himself.

  43. Anonymous

    Watching the video, I saw far worst !!!!!! I am not condoning a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man. To give a kid 18 years old 3years in jail for this incident is clearly racist!!!!! I can think about how many times I hit a women when I was young and dumb!!!!! I learned as I became mature it is wise to walk away or contact the law report it !!!! If any time this kid should've gotten is probation/ treatment program. Its not worth sending time in jail for no woman.

  44. Anonymous

    Jail is not a good rehabilitation tool!!!! In many cases it makes a person more hateful and hardcore. He was a 18 year old kid he made a mistake why give him jail time for this incident!!!!

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