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Kate ‘Ma’ Barker’s Old Hideout Goes Up For Sale

Kate “Ma” Barker’s old hideout, bullet holes and all, is going up for sale.

The Daily Mail reports that Barker was gunned down by FBI agents at the lakefront Florida retreat in 1935. The hideout, a two-story wood frame house in Ocklawaha, has found a permanent place in the annuls of FBI history. The legendary raid that ended Barker’s life lasted for more than four hours and involved more than 2,000 bullets from FBI guns.

But, despite the bullet holes that pepper the side of the house, Mark Arnold, an agent with Stirling Sotheby’s International Realty, is hoping to sell Kate “Ma” Barker’s hideout for $1 million.

Arnold said:

‘It’s like walking into a time capsule in 1935. The fact that it has this extra history is a really interesting cachet.”

Kate “Ma” Barker was public enemy No. 1 in the early 1930s. She earned her spot at the top of the most wanted list by stealing, kidnapping, and killing at will.

Here’s a photo of the legendary gangster.

kate ma barker