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Kate ‘Ma’ Barker’s Old Hideout Goes Up For Sale

kate ma barker

Kate “Ma” Barker’s old hideout, bullet holes and all, is going up for sale.

The Daily Mail reports that Barker was gunned down by FBI agents at the lakefront Florida retreat in 1935. The hideout, a two-story wood frame house in Ocklawaha, has found a permanent place in the annuls of FBI history. The legendary raid that ended Barker’s life lasted for more than four hours and involved more than 2,000 bullets from FBI guns.

But, despite the bullet holes that pepper the side of the house, Mark Arnold, an agent with Stirling Sotheby’s International Realty, is hoping to sell Kate “Ma” Barker’s hideout for $1 million.

Arnold said:

‘It’s like walking into a time capsule in 1935. The fact that it has this extra history is a really interesting cachet.”

Kate “Ma” Barker was public enemy No. 1 in the early 1930s. She earned her spot at the top of the most wanted list by stealing, kidnapping, and killing at will.

Here’s a photo of the legendary gangster.

kate ma barker

Roger Soderstrom, a broker who is handling the sale, told the Orlando Sentinel:

“There’s unbelievable interest around the world in crime memorabilia … People have never seen a property where everything is intact from the time of the event. We think the buyer could be someone who has a passion for crime memorabilia and who wants to build their own house [on the property] and keep this as a collector’s house. It could be a bed-and-breakfast. You could have weddings there.”

Would you want to live in Kate “Ma” Barker’s old hideout? Would you want to have your wedding there?

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12 Responses to “Kate ‘Ma’ Barker’s Old Hideout Goes Up For Sale”

  1. Michael Fowler

    Okay – Ma Barker wasn't involved in the crimes of her degenerate sons. The whole idea was concocted by J. Edgar Hoover when, after shooting up the house, the agents discovered they had killed an old woman. They knew it would make the fledgling organization (the proto-FBI) look bad, so Hoover made her into a monster. A former member of the gang, Alvin Karpis, was asked about it and he replied that Ma "couldn't organize breakfast, let alone a bank heist". Not taking up for her, just saying that she ended up being a pawn in Hoover's plan to create a national crime fighting force.

  2. Carl Biancucci

    The Wiki picture of Ma holding a machine gun is not Ma at all, and as M.Fowler says, the myth of Ma Barker is indeed a myth.

  3. James Boothe

    Very odd that thru the window behind I see a 1970s era van with a 70s era car parked behind it. If memorry serves I believe this picture was proven a hoax years ago.

  4. Scott R. Anderson

    Check out Brian Burrough's well-researched "Public Enemies''. Ma Barker was hardly a Professor Moriarty. She was a mother, helping and protecting her psychotic sons. Criminal mastermind? Hardly.

  5. Todd Reeves

    J.Edgar Hoover was also involved with the corrupt CIA that was I believe to be the reason for JFK to be shot

  6. Christopher Roy

    This house is listed for auction for back taxes the starting bid is like 7k. As for the picture being a hoax it's not, the locals here reenact the shootout on the anniversary and so it's a picture of a person at one of the reenactments. Not Ma Barker but not a hoax either.

  7. Caleb Dewey

    Arizona Kate "Ma" Barker, never participated in the crimes of The Barker-Karpis Gang. Although she did know that her son's and their cohort's, were career criminal's. Her primary function was to keep house and cook. Not to mention, her presence provided excellent cover, when traveling throughout the country. Law enforcement weren't necessarily looking for a mother and her son's. The Myth of evil "Ma" Barker was created and perpetuated by J. Edgar Hoover, and the F.B.I. J. Edgar seemed to have a real hard on, for telling exaggerated stories about his and the bureau's accomplishment's from that era. It's doubtful that Kate even fired a shot, during the final gun battle. Freddie Barker was most likely the only shooter, returning fire from inside the house. This property does have a lot of historical significance though. Freddie Barker along with Alvin Karpis, were the primary leader's of an ever changing cast of character's. Both of them, along with several lesser known, but equally hardcore criminal's, spent time there. Freddie and Ma, of course both dying there. I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere on the property, there was a cache of weapon's, ammunition, and/or money.

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