Popular Facebook app Farm Town down, malware abounds

The fate of millions of virtual animals, farms and coins is unclear as popular Facebook app Farm Town remains inaccessible to many users worldwide.

Google searches were off the hook for the popular app as dedicated e-farmers were unable to attend to their Facebook flocks, with reports of the application shutting down whilst friends tended to their homeboys’ farms and remaining broken indefinitely. But if you’re one of the affected players frantically wondering why Farm Town is down or when you can feed your e-cows again, be careful. While looking into the outage, you may discover that a large proportion of the sites returned on Google contain malware and will harm your computer. For realz- you may never be able to use Farm Town again.


Farm Town app developer SlashKey’s site is also currently inaccessible, possibly brought down in a virtual stampede of frantic Farm Town users. The discussion forums for the Farm Town app on Facebook are currently overrun with people seeking answers regarding the future of their carefully tended to non-existant farms. One message (without attribution, date posted originally or source indicated) popped up several times on the Farm Town Facebook forum:

There are some network connectivity issues between our network provider and Facebook servers.

We are working on solving this issue, but don’t have an ETA at the moment.

We will be extending the “Ready to Harvest” time by 1 day, so you will not lose any crops due to this down time. Come back tomorrow and your crops will still be good as new.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


However, without a discernible source for the quote, pinpointing when or if the popular app (reported to be more heavily used than Pet Society or Mafia Wars) will be widely available again is difficult. Are you a disgruntled Facebook Farm Town user? Have you been able to access your farm?