New beer helps you overcome binge drinking by binge drinking

Britain’s strongest beer just hit shop shelves, clocking in at a room-spinning 18.2% ABV.

BrewDog’s new “Tokyo” beer crams six units of booze into a 330ml bottle- that’s about twice the recommended daily limit for sauce hitting. But, wait! Is that a good thing? James Watt, founder of BrewDog, explained how lager-on-steroids might actually curb excess drinking:

“Our hardcore beers are loaded with flavour, bite and body so consequently you drink less of them.

“Mass-market industrially-brewed lagers are so bland and tasteless that you are seduced into drinking a lot of them.

“We’ve been challenging people to drink less alcohol, and educating the palates of drinkers with progressive craft-brewed beers which have an amazing depth of flavour, body and character.

“The beers we make at BrewDog, including Tokyo , are providing a cure to binge beer-drinking.”

Surprisingly, anti-alcohol activists and political groups completely disagree, contending that the product may actually promote binge drinking. (ORLY?) Critics point out that a pint of Tokyo contains as much alcohol as a bottle of wine and that by consuming even one bottle, women as a whole would technically already be binge drinking. But naysayers needn’t worry too hard- the lovely lager will only be available in a limited run of 3,000 bottles and only through the Scottish brewery’s website or special independent shops in the UK.

Also fixable by drinking beer that’s nearly 20% ABV? Being able to finance getting drunk in a recession! Yay, economics!