'Friday The 13th' Game Brings Jason Voorhees Back

‘Friday The 13th’ Game Brings Jason Voorhees Back In Late 2016, Stays True To Its Roots

The Friday the 13th game is due to hit PC, and possibly Xbox One and PlayStation 4, in the fourth quarter of 2016. No, this isn’t the universally hated 8-bit game from LJN, the developer who practically turned every movie and franchise into an almost unplayable mess. Originally titled Summer Camp when it first hit Kickstarter, this new game is an asymmetrical eight-player game from the creators of the franchise.

The game appears to be shaping up nicely, and there are still some Kickstarter stretch goals to be met. Several of those stretch goals are brutal kills where Jason Voorhees catches up to another unlucky camp counselor. Many of these extra kills are expected to be lifted directly from the films, including the almost laughably bad Jason X (the one set in space where Jason is basically a homicidal robot).


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The Friday the 13th game pits one player in the role of Jason (for the first time ever) against seven other players who must find a way to leave Camp Crystal Lake or other locales before they end up being another notch on Voorhees’ mask. However, if the game reaches its stretch goal of around $2 million, more than double where it currently is, they will add a single player offline mode against computer-controlled “bots.” This was a concept seemingly left on the proverbial cutting room floor after the N64 classics Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark, as online competitive gameplay suddenly became the new norm.

Unlike most video games based on movies, the Friday the 13th game is being made not only by Gun Media’s Randy Greenback but the team behind the original films. You will instantly recognize Jason’s body language as it will be motion captured by Kane Hodder, who is also helping provide the necessary body acting for the brutal kills.

Back in the PlayStation 2 days, there was a game which used a similar idea of instant kills done in brutal fashion. Manhunt was so violent and filled with so much offensive content that many major retailers refused to sell it. These same retailers were willing to sell Mortal Kombat if that’s any indication of the game’s level of brutality and language. In the case of the Friday the 13th game, the language might not be as offensive, but the kills are expected to be the bloodbath you’ve come to know from the horror series.

Previous games like this have always made it possible, and often necessary, to kill the main villain. In this one, camp counselors will have no choice but to try to escape the area. Jason Voorhees, much like his film counterpart, can’t be killed. The challenge in each map will be working with the other players to figure out how to escape while constantly being stalked by the hockey mask-wearing lunatic.

The thrills don’t stop with just being caught and slaughtered in the Friday the 13th game, as the crew is dedicated to making as many unique kills as they can. Some even use the environment, so you can probably expect to find fellow counselors hanging from a tree with a branch through their chest.

Many of the stretch goals have yet to be met, but if you want to see the greatest variety of brutal kills you can still donate to the official Friday the 13th game’s Kickstarter campaign. Any donation over five dollars will get you a reward, so if you plan on haunting Camp Crystal Lake this Fall, you can still contribute to the gory virtual madness.

[Image via Friday the 13th/Gun Media]