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‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Wants More Kids: Is Kathryn Dennis The One?

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel may have been shocked to learn that a single one-night stand with Kathryn Dennis turned into him becoming a father for the second time. It’s no secret that he really wanted children, but he may have been shocked to learn that he fathered two children. He and Kathryn don’t really get along, and the age difference has been an issue that has come up in the past on Southern Charm. But it sounds like Thomas is ready to take his father role seriously, and he’s making every effort to ensure his home is perfect for his children.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel told the Daily Dish that he wants more children. Even though he has two children now with a woman he barely speaks to, he does want more children of his own in the future. No word on whether he will share this journey on Southern Charm.

“Yes, I love children,” Thomas told the Daily Dish, adding, “I’d love to have nothing more than a bunch of shnookums crawling around the floors all over the house, a house full of kids.”

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On Southern Charm, Thomas has shown his co-stars his brand new home. It’s an older home with lots of class, history, and charm. And while his co-stars are impressed with the purchase, it isn’t exactly a child-friendly home. But Ravenel has that under control. While he may not have shown the guest house on Southern Charm, it’s the perfect place for him to bond with his children and get settled in when they do have time together.

“I made the back guest house the kids’ house because it’s far more comfortable, it’s safer, it was built just 20 years ago. And it’s their house, but there’s plenty of room for me to stay there and the nanny to stay there. We have a lot of fun. It’s like a big fun house for them, whereas the front house is like an old museum relic, and it’s dangerous with a staircase that goes up four floors. Everything’s set up perfectly, except for the fact that there’s no kids in there,” Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel revealed about his plans to keep his home safe for his kids.

It also sounds like Ravenel is making a dig at his Southern Charm co-star and mother of his children. Apparently, he wants everyone to know that Kathryn Dennis does like to keep their two children, Kensington and St. Julien away from him. On Southern Charm, she does try to find time for them to hang out, but she doesn’t want them exposed to his troubling lifestyle. Apparently, she may be jealous of the women he hangs out with even though they are no longer together.

Plus, he does seem to make yet another dig at the mother of his kids in the interview he did. In the interview, he explains that he only gives them good food, not that other junk they get. He could be referring to Kathryn’s parenting, but this side of their lives isn’t really shown on Southern Charm.

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“All the rooms, all the toys, the clothes, everything’s set up for these kids,” the Southern Charm star explained, adding, “And when I have them, I turn the TV off and I engage them in projects. We go on field trips. I feed them real food: eggs in the morning, and in the evening, salmon and asparagus. No junk food. Nothing with corn syrup or SpaghettiOs. And the TV’s off, and I’m engaging them, engaging their minds. They need that.”

What do you think of Thomas on Southern Charm? Do you think he’s trying to be a good father for his children?

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