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The Office Closes Its Doors After 9 Seasons

The Office To End After 9 Seasons

Looks like The Office is planning for a series finale come May. Greg Daniels, the series’ developer and executive producer announced today that the upcoming 9th season will be The Office’s last shebang. “This will be the last season of The Office,” said Daniels, who has been the show runner since the very beginning.

Although there were rumblings that The Office would be rebooted after this season, those talks seemed to be just rumors. Daniels stressed during the announcement that the end of the show wasn’t due to a dip in the ratings, but for creative purposes only. “Certainly we’re not leaving for any reason other than that one. It’s actually a big surprise to me that NBC were so supportive of this decision.”

The Office which enters its 9th season with returning cast members John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson, has struggled since its main boss, Steve Carell exited the series two years ago. Since Carell’s exit the show has floundered in its natural comedic buffoonery that the lovable character Michael Scott brought to the show in spade. In addition the show hasn’t fared well in picking up a successor to carry the Office antics either.

After Carrell exited the show, James Spader was brought on as a hopeful lead, but the actor didn’t last long and exited the show last May. For season 9 Daniels says it’s all about closure and a big pay off for the characters The Office fans all know and love. “There is so much to pay off from nine seasons of great characters and the core cast are all going to be there.” Other favorites that won’t be returning for Season 9 are head writer and actress Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, and Paul Lieberstein.

Even though a reboot of The Office isn’t on the horizon, fans of the character Dwight Schrute are in for quite the treat. Daniels along with Rainn Wilson will start a spinoff for NBC called The Farm, which will create new stories for The Office favorite.

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23 Responses to “The Office Closes Its Doors After 9 Seasons”

  1. Anonymous

    No surprise a guy who doesn't understand the Office has a "wrestlemania" Facebook picture… youre better off sticking with cartoons homey.

  2. Anonymous

    No surprise a guy who doesn't understand the Office has a "wrestlemania" Facebook picture… youre better off sticking with cartoons homey.

  3. Brad Dillon

    And millions of people were scammed out of their money for a fake wrestling show. Watch a real sport like hockey.

  4. Kyle Belcher

    People know what they're buying. Of course it isn't real. Only a fool would bring up that argument in 2012. You know what else is "fake?" Every single movie and television show you watch. Sooo I'm not sure what you're getting at.

  5. Brad Dillon

    Then it's not a "sport" if it's fake. You might as well call it a TV show. In that case, it's pretty boring.

  6. Justin Proxmire

    @lngwood54 wrestling is sport annd some cartoons are funny like family guy, american dad, simpsons.
    go and watch your Jeresey shore. I don't watch Jeresey shore but it kicks the offices ass.


    @KYLE thanks for supporting tna or wwe.

    have a nice day brad & ingwood 54.

  7. Paul Werblow

    What will I do with out my fix of dwight quotes each week? "I am faster than 80% of all snakes".

  8. Anonymous

    The Farm? Sounds like a new "Joey"…Just let the characters go NBC and start being creative again. The Office used to be a great show, but lost me as a regular viewer a while ago…they should have called it quits 3-4 seasons ago…9 is just too long to remain fresh.

  9. Anonymous

    @Justin wrestling is not a sport. It's a soap opera. Sports aren't (usually) scripted. Greco-Roman Wrestling is a sport. But the crap you watch where shirtless guys hit each other with chairs while cutting their bodies with razors is just redneck entertainment.

  10. Christine M. J. Charles

    Steve Carell made a smart move by leaving the Office last year. The show was no longer funny and should have been taken off the air 3 seasons ago…

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