Illinois Strip Club Tax Signed Into Law

Illinois Strip Club Tax Signed Into Law By Pat Quinn

Illinois strip clubs are now subject to a new ‘skin tax‘ after Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the proposed bill into law on Tuesday morning. The new tax which charges a per person entry fee to all strip clubs in Illinois is expected to raise $1 million annually.

Money from the new skin tax will go to support the new Sexual Assault Services and Prevention Fund, a program that offers rape crisis support services.

The strip club tax was voted on in May and passed the state senate with a unanimous vote. Illinois is the second state behind Texas to pass a state-wide strip club tax.

Officially known as the Live Adult Entertainment Facility Surcharge, the bill requires every strip club visitor to pay at least $3 per entry to all adult entertainment clubs throughout the state.

With the bill now signed into law, the new surcharge will go into effect starting January 1, 2013.

The $1 million comes at a time when rape crisis centers throughout Illinois are facing declining funds. The original bill asked fro a $5 per entry fee. The new service is based on the dependent size of a club and the revenues it generates.

Texas Governor Rick Perry signed his states $5 “pole tax” into law in 2007, targeting any strip club that sells alcohol. The bill has already raised millions of dollars since being enacted, helping the state pay for rape testing kits for victims.

Do you think a $3 per person strip club tax is acceptable, or have Illinois lawmakers over stepped their authority.