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Lindsay Lohan Questioned By Police Following Jewelry Theft At Friend’s Home

Lindsay Lohan questioned by police

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to trouble with the law, but, with a career comeback in the wings, it’s hard to imagine she’d return to her mischievous ways. Still, it doesn’t stop us from suspicion, which is why LiLo was questioned by police after a jewelry theft in a Hollywood home.

According to ABC News, Lohan slept over at a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills Sunday night following a little get-together. The next morning, the owner discovered that expensive pieces of jewelry had been pilfered from the home. Law enforcement officials were summoned and questioned all of the guests including Lohan about the missing rocks upon arrival.

Wouldn’t you know? Lohan was actually cooperative and claimed that she had nothing to do with the missing jewelry!

According to Fox News, the investigation is ongoing, but whatever Lohan told the police seemed to convince them of her innocence. She isn’t considered a suspect in the case.

Still, you can’t blame us for wondering. After all, 26-year-old Lohan was slammed with felony grand theft back in February after apparently stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store. She was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service, reports E!Online. With the recent bust in mind and Lohan’s dramatically improved behavior lately (we’re speaking in relative terms), we find it hard to believe she’d steal anything — at least in a situation where she’d be so easily caught.

Aside from this, the only headlines LiLo’s been making lately are pretty tame compared to her former waves of media infamy. One celebrity fender-bender and a stint in a hospital for exhaustion is about all we’ve seen out of her since she started her comeback bid. Whether or not Lohan’s comeback will be worth all the effort remains to be seen, but we in the media sure do love a good redemption story.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Christopher Koulouris

    Not a suspect? Interesting. Not how about ‘do you want me to show the insides of my body crevices cause that’s likely where you might find the good stuff.’ Or not ‘if you throw me against the wall once or twice I might just break down and tell you everything’ or simply ‘please officer if you don’t arrest me for all the sticky plastic baggies in my purse I promise to be a good girl and describe exactly where them two bixches you are looking for live.‘.

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