Joseph Gatt Joins The 'Z Nation' Series

Joseph Gatt Joins The ‘Z Nation’ Series

The first thing fans of Z Nation are most likely wondering is whether Joseph Gatt’s character will help or hinder Murphy and the rest of the zombie-fighting heroes on the popular series. So far, there is no other information regarding his casting other than a few photos that were taken on the set of Z Nation.

According to a Twitter post by Joseph Gatt, his character is only known as “The Man,” and he asks the question, “#TheManZN is coming to the Zombie apocalypse! But is he The Good, The Bad, or The Ugly?”

According to Comic Book Movie, Joseph Gatt has enjoyed his career as the “bad guy.” There will be a new bounty hunter on the Z Nation scene, so the odds are good that this is the character Joseph Gatt will play. If it is, Gatt will quickly become Murphy’s nemesis. He will try to find Murphy, and when he is unsuccessful, he will turn his attention to Lucy, who is Murphy’s zombie/human hybrid daughter. By the time the bounty hunter finds Lucy, she may be almost full grown since she’s growing at an astronomical pace.

For those unfamiliar with Joseph Gatt, this is one man who likes to stay busy. No stranger to the camera, Gatt has appeared on both the big and small screens. Thor, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Pulse are just a few of the films Joseph Gatt has appeared in. For television, Gatt was in such popular shows as Teen Wolf, The 100, Game of Thrones, and Banshee.

Gatt is also a voice and motion capture actor for several video games such as the God of War series of games, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and Elder Scrolls Online.

In honor of the Cinemax Banshee Season 4 (Final Season) premiere today, I want to post this, one of my favorite BTS pics taken while filming episode s02e10. Unfortunately I cannot be there tonight to celebrate with my Banshee fam as I'm filming on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series in Albuquerque right now. So massive hugs and love to Jonathan Tropper (happily being strangled by The Albino) & Antony Starr (official) (one of the most talented & hardest working actors I've ever known) and to Ole Christian Madsen, Greg Yaitanes, David Shickler, #AdamTargum, Ivana Milicevic, Ulrich Thomsen, Hoon Lee, Matt Servitto, Lili Rose, Matthew Rauch, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Ben Cross, Anthony Ruivivar, Geno Segers, Alpha Trivette, Tom Pelphrey and not forgetting the casting directors #AlexaLFogel & Christine Kromer, all of the other amazing people I worked with and have become friends with on this amazing adventure called Banshee!! I very much look forward to working with you amazing bunch of people again!! xo @cinemax @bansheemax #thealbino #lucashood #jonathantropper #antonystarr #banshee #cinemax @bansheeaction #fanshee #fromdusktilldawn

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Joseph Gatt has also worked as a model and is known for his distinctive look. When Joseph was 11, he had some patchy hair loss, but then at the age of 14, all of his hair fell out. He was diagnosed with Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack its own hair follicles. This prevents further hair growth and can be a devastating occurrence for an adult, let alone someone entering their teen years.

According to a post Joseph Gatt made on Facebook, he states that his Alopecia forced him to make an important choice. Gatt could either give up or reinvent himself, using his condition as a reason to create a person that he and others could love. Joseph decided to discard all of the negative things in his life in order to focus on only the positive.

Since then, Joseph Gatt has become a very successful actor, and he noted that others with Alopecia often come up and tell him that he’s an inspiration and that he also gives them hope. If Gatt can succeed in a tough industry where almost everything is based on looks, then they realize that they can live their own successful life without allowing Alopecia to define who they are.

Through a fellow actor and friend, Anthony Carrigan, Gatt said that he was introduced to the Children’s Alopecia Project, or CAP.

Joseph says that their mission is, “To help any child in need who is living with hair loss due to all forms of Alopecia.”

Gatt recently attended a couple of events in April with CAP, serving as a mentor to the kids.

“The first was a day at Disneyland, CA, and the second was last weekend where a CAP Kids camp was organized in beautiful Cambria, CA,” he said. “The kids got to do all kinds of fun activities including kayaking, throwing tomahawks, touring Hearst Castle, making smores by a campfire, exploring tide pools, etc. What CAP do for these kids (and some adults) is something I would’ve killed for when I was a kid.”

As a final note, Joseph went on to describe how he has come to terms with his own battle and journey with Alopecia. What Gatt had to say may be surprising to some, but to others who face their own struggles with autoimmune disorders, it makes perfect sense.

“I feel blessed to have Alopecia. Without it I would not have been forced to make those difficult decisions and fight those battles that have brought me to the blessed life I currently have. Without Alopecia, ironically, I probably would not be living my dream as a successful actor.”

Whatever role Joseph Gatt is handed, he will definitely deliver an outstanding performance. Z Nation is lucky to have him, and fans will undoubtedly be looking forward to seeing what character Joseph Gatt will be playing.

Are you a fan of Z Nation? Do you Gatt will be playing the role of the bounty hunter? What is your favorite character Joseph Gatt has portrayed in either film or on TV? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Z Nation is now in production and is scheduled to return sometime in September to the Syfy channel.

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