Grandmother Stabs Robber With BBQ Fork

Grandmother Stabs Robber In The Neck With BBQ Fork

Houston, TX – A 73-year-old grandmother stopped a would-be robber from entering her home by stabbing him in the neck with a BBQ fork, according to Fox 36. Margaret Jackson doesn’t mess around when it comes to protecting her daughter’s home, and she’ll apparently defend herself by any means necessary. If you think the gentle old woman down the street is an easy mark, perhaps you should think again.

Jackson was preparing to take a nap at her daughter’s home after arriving for a visit when the trouble began. After settling into an armchair for a quick snooze, Jackson noticed that her daughter’s dog wouldn’t stop barking. The yorkie, which goes by the name Zach, kept going back and forth between the front and the back door. It was then that Margaret realized something was amiss.

“So I got up and went to look, but I went to the side window. I looked out and saw this man,” Jackson explained. When she realized that the guy was attempting to jimmy the back door with a credit card, the grandmother immediately sprang into action.

After digging through the kitchen in search of a suitable weapon, Margaret settled on a large BBQ fork and a pair of scissors.

“He pushed me. We were struggling,” she explained to the New York Daily News. “He was pushing me. He got away, he got to running, and right here I got him — whack — in the neck!”

That “whack” was accompanied by Jackson stabbing the suspect in the back of the neck with the BBQ fork. Not surprisingly, the would-be robber fled the scene of the crime before she could strike again. Margaret hopes that the criminal learned a lesson from his failed endeavor.

“Well, he gonna go tell all his friends so they don’t come here,” she said.

For the grandmother’s ability to defend herself with a BBQ fork, the local police force has dubbed Margaret Jackson as “Gangster Granny.” A fitting title, I think.