Donald Trump RNC Guest

Donald Trump Gets Super Secret Role For Republican National Convention

Donald Trump will be playing a part in the Republication National Convention when it starts next Monday but for now organizers have only revealed that it will be a “surprise” role on the first day of the convention.

Convention organizers have not revealed whether or not The Donald will address delegates or take a a very different type of role in Tampa, Florida.

In any case the billionaires presence and participation is sure to draw headlines, especially if Trump refuses to keep his mouth shut over the Obama birther issue or if gets in another fight with longtime frenemy Rosie O’Donnell.

Mitt Romney during his run for the presidency has embraced Donald Trump and even attended a fundraiser for his campaign in Las Vegas which was thrown by the real estate mogul in May 2012.

Donald Trump confirmed his RNC appearance on Twitter but also only said his role would be a “big surprise.”

So far we know the theme of opening day is “We Can Do Better” which will likely focus on what the GOP believes has been President Obama’s failure to run the United States over the last four years. Convention spokesman Kyle Downey tells Politico:

“We are going after Obama. If he doesn’t want to talk about his failed record, we will. The American people expect and deserve better.”

Of course there’s no better man to talk about failures of the Obama administration than the billionaire who gambles big and uses bankruptcy court like a personal debt eraser.

More details regarding the convention are expected to be released on Monday evening via the party’s “Tampa 2012” mobile app.