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WWE News: Top TNA Star Rips Triple H And NXT At EVOLVE Event — TNA Vs. WWE War Begins

An invasion by one wrestling promotion of another is something that fans always dream will happen but rarely does. Sometimes, two promotions will have a working relationship and exchange talent, but not really have an invasion from one to the other. Well, it appears as if TNA has fired the first shots at the EVOLVE 61 event, and they did it in the direction of WWE.

EVOLVE is a promotion that has a working relationship with both TNA and WWE, and it’s a good one. Tonight at the event in Queens, New York, the main event saw Johnny Gargano take on Drew Galloway in a very good match, but there’s much more to this situation.

One thing to know is that Gargano just recently signed a contract with WWE where he works for NXT but is allowed to wrestle other events. Galloway is the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and it’s obvious that he is allowed to wrestle other events as well.

During the main event, TNA star and former world champion Ethan Carter III interfered in the match and helped Galloway which gave Gargano the win by disqualification. That is a big deal, but what happened next was even bigger, according to Daily Wrestling News.

Keep in mind that both Galloway and EC3 are former WWE superstars.

After Galloway and Carter took out Gargano and a number of referees, EC3 grabbed a mic and cut a shoot promo that was incredibly against WWE. Those in attendance and watching on iPPV heard every word that Carter said as he spoke out against WWE, his time in NXT, and then heavily against Triple H.

Cageside Seats is reporting that EVOLVE is going through an angle that started with Galloway and Gargano as tag team champions. Galloway turned heel against his partner and it led to a feud between the two that ended up getting to the main event match at EVOLVE 61 this evening.

It was a bit of a massacre during the main event

The angle itself was a big enough deal as the EVOLVE Tag Team Champions consisted of the TNA World Champion (Galloway) and a NXT talent (Gargano). Things were taken to another level once the heel turn happened and it was officially TNA vs. WWE/NXT, but still, it was taking place in another promotion.

Now, the interference of Ethan Carter III and his shoot promo on WWE takes things to a place that no one expected it to go.

It will be very interesting to see where EVOLVE goes with this feud and angle, but it will be even more interesting to see if WWE responds in any form or fashion. Maybe Triple H will ignore it, but it may be hard to do with two former WWE talents that are now in TNA and key players there.

Drew Galloway was known as Drew McIntyre in WWE, and he was even seen as Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One” at one time, but quickly faded. He started working with WWE in 2006 and was released in 2014 after going through bad program after bad program.

Ethan Carter III was known as Derrick Bateman when he was employed by WWE, but he never made it out of NXT before being released in 2013.

wwe news tna evolve ethan carter III drew galloway johnny gargano derrick bateman
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The EVOLVE 61 event also had a couple of matches for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic that saw TJ Perkins (formerly Suicide and Manik in TNA) and Drew Gulak (Combat Zone Wrestling) win their qualifying matches, according to WrestleZone.

Could this be the start of the TNA vs. WWE war? It’s unlikely, but one never knows what will happen. Last year, TNA and Global Force Wrestling worked together for a while, but it fizzled out after just about a month.

Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III did not have a lot of success in WWE, but they have both made it to the top in TNA Impact Wrestling. Hurling pipe-bombs in the direction of WWE may not be the smartest of moves, but it was done and they may have just started an all-out war within EVOLVE. Triple H could very well ignore the shoot promo from EC3 and do nothing, but he may take offense and decide to launch missiles of his own.

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