Tricia Todd Search Update: Police Suspect Missing Florida Mom Was Abducted, But Search Still Yields No Clues

Tricia Todd Search Update: Police Say Missing Florida Mom Was Likely Abducted, But Search Still Yields No Clues

The search for Tricia Todd has now stretched more than a week with no sign of the missing Florida mom, and police say they now believe she may have been abducted.

The 30-year-old Air Force veteran and nurse disappeared last week under what authorities say are “very suspicious” circumstances, and after an intensive search that has stretched several days, police say they are no closer to finding her.

The search for Tricia Todd has been especially frustrating given the circumstances, said Martin County Sheriff William Synder. He told reporters this week that there is little physical evidence pointing to a crime, but “a strong circumstantial case for an abduction.”

“Circumstantially, [it’s] very suspicious,” he said, via The Huffington Post. “Forensically, nothing. It’s a very, very perplexing and mystifying case.”

Others close to Tricia Todd believe that foul play must have been involved.

“Something is off here,” Todd’s close friend, Michelle Rocker, told The Huffington Post. “This kind of thing doesn’t happen here. Tricia is a very confident, happy woman, and I haven’t known her to have an enemy. She’s just a pleasant person to be around. It just doesn’t add up.”

Her father, David Todd, added that he has no idea if Tricia is “dead or alive.”

Police centered the search for Todd on a wooded area near Dixie Highway and Water Street in Hobe Sound, with Fox 29 reporting that authorities set up a mobile command center outside a water treatment plant. Family members said that is an area where Tricia frequently went to walk.

Police are reaching out to the public to help, releasing the last-known image of Todd before she went missing last week. The surveillance footage from a Publix grocery store in Hobe Sound, Florida, shows Todd in seemingly good spirits.

“She was smiling and engaged and the people at Publix reported it that way so, no, we don’t have anybody that we know of that wished her harm,” Snyder said this week.

Police found Tricia Todd’s car parked outside the grocery store with the keys still in the ignition. Her purse was there as well, but her wallet and phone were missing.

Family members discovered Todd was missing when she failed to pick up her 2-year-old daughter, who had gone to the hospital the day before and was staying with Todd’s ex-husband. Police said Todd’s ex-husband has been ruled out as a suspect.

The disappearance was especially unusual for Todd, who family members said was normally very reliable.

“She had always bent over backwards for the sake of her little girl,” Todd’s brother, Nathan Todd, told ABC South Florida affiliate WPBF-TV.

The search for Tricia Todd came just one week after another story of two missing women made international headlines. Carolyn Lloyd went to visit her daughter, Rachel, in New Zealand where Rachel was attending Massey University. The two got lost during a hike in the bush and ended up surviving for four days in what authorities said were treacherous conditions.

The New York Daily News reported that the temperature dipped to below 40 in the nights, and that Carolyn ended up having to carry her daughter, who became too weak to walk after a few days.

“My wife was frightened to death. She stayed awake all night and held my daughter to keep her warm,” Carolyn’s husband, Barry Lloyd, told the New Zealand Herald.

The two were eventually found after they spelled out “HELP” using logs and rocks, allowing authorities to locate them.

Anyone with information about the location of Tricia Todd is asked to call sheriff’s detectives at 772-220-7060.

[Image via Martin County Sheriff’s Office]