miley cyrus friends affecting liam hemsworth engagement

Miley Cyrus’ Friends Affecting Engagement To Liam Hemsworth, Source Says Liam Hates Her Party Pals

Miley Cyrus’ friends could potentially be the downfall of her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, who firmly believes that the singer’s pals are more than just a bad influence on his fiancée’s life.

The Catching Fire actor had rekindled his romance with Miley back in December, and just weeks after their reconciliation, the duo decided to give the whole marriage thing another shot, convinced that they’ll remain together forever this time around.

But with Miley’s friends in the picture, chances of that happening are beginning to get slimmer by the day, because Liam supposedly can’t stand them.

According to Hollywood Life, the 26-year-old is aware of the fact that whenever Miley and her friends get together, it can get a little crazy with the partying and clubbing, but from Cyrus’ point of view, the singer thinks that her fiance is overreacting.

A source reveals that Miley Cyrus has made some drastic changes ever since she got back with Liam, famously deciding not to attend the Met Gala and promising to tone down her raunchy image for an alleged modest look.

“Her life has changed dramatically but it’s not a bad thing,” the source stressed. “It’s not like Liam is telling who she can be friends with, but there are certain people she does tend to party pretty hard with and she’s not going out with them the way she used to.”

Miley and Liam are extra careful with their relationship this time since neither of them wants to see their romance collapse, especially since they are reportedly just months away from tying the knot.

Hemsworth is just concerned about Cyrus spending time with the friends that haven’t proven themselves to be anything but wild and carefree. One insider alleged that Liam would definitely be open to the idea of a change for his fiancée, perhaps even distancing herself from them in the hopes of finding friends that behave more maturely.

The insider goes on to mention that Miley Cyrus doesn’t see the need to ditch her pals, many of whom she has known since she was a teenager. She always makes Liam her priority in everything that she does, but if Liam is out of town, Miley just wants to have a good time.

“She’s still friends with them but she doesn’t hang out like she used to,” the source added. “When she’s home and Liam is away she has them over, but if he’s around they don’t really come around because he doesn’t like them and thinks they are a bad influence.”

Reports concerning Liam Hemsworth’s unhappiness with Miley Cyrus spending time with her party pals comes just weeks after it was alleged that the couple is looking to tie the knot this summer.

According to multiple outlets, the duo is planning two weddings — one in Australia and one in California. Miley and Liam are already said to be planning for their big day but have yet to find a perfect date that will fit in their hectic schedules as Miley prepares for her mentoring duties for the upcoming season of The Voice.

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