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Ryan Seacrest On The Spontaneity Of ‘American Idol’: ‘We Really Didn’t Know Which Direction It’s Going To Go’

Ryan Seacrest, the charismatic personality best known for his hosting role on American Idol, couldn’t express how thankful he is for making his breakthrough in American Idol. It was the show that put Seacrest on the map as a phenomenal television and radio personality, and in fact, Ryan Seacrest’s role on American Idol was one factor of the show that remained constant despite numerous other dramatic changes in the show’s format since its beginning in 2002.

For many people, Ryan Seacrest’s name is synonymous with American Idol, perhaps even more so than many of its on-again, off-again judges. Arguably, Simon Cowell’s name is the only one more readily associated with American Idol and even he is no longer officially involved with the program.

According to People, Ryan Seacrest had absolutely no experience hosting a live program prior to his time on American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest spoke about how his life was before American Idol.

“I can’t even begin to compare my life then and now. I mean, when this all started, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment and splitting the rent with another dude.”

Ryan Seacrest went on to speak about how his hosting game improved as the season went on, saying that he started out by simply “going out there” and trying his best. He said that it took a few seasons before he fully embraced the fact that American Idol is a live show and not everything can always be perfect.

“I got more comfortable every year.”

Seacrest originally started out as a co-host alongside Brian Dunkleman, but it wasn’t long before Ryan Seacrest held the hosting position all on his own.

Seacrest recently talked about the secrets behind the scenes of American Idol, discussing the private lives of the judges as well as some insider secrets behind the show itself.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Seacrest would get emotional during the finales.

Fans of Ryan Seacrest have been surprised to learn that his signature catchphrase “this… is American Idol!” was not originally a scripted line. It was simply something that Seacrest chose to say one time, and it ended up becoming a staple element of the show. Even the banter between judges turned out to be as organic and in the moment as it often appeared.

Ryan Seacrest spoke on how the judges interacted and how it wasn’t scripted.

“Even though it was the number one show for so long, you would think that we plan out each and every bit. Well, we don’t. We make sure that the show’s going to look okay, but we really don’t know which direction it’s going to go, and I’m not so sure people were aware of that.”

He went on to insist that all of the comments made by himself and the judges during the show were completely spontaneous, and despite claims to the contrary, none of the comments had been scripted.

“When Simon and I would spar back and forth live, none of that was premeditated. It was literally all unfolding at the time.”

But in light of all the arguing and banter between them, Ryan Seacrest says that he got along with the judges and he considers them all to be friends. Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell would often go out together after the show and also regularly spent time together on weekends. Perhaps it is this genuine friendship off-screen that allowed the host and judges to showcase such genuine chemistry and comradery onscreen.

According to People, Ryan Seacrest was recently spotted with Ben Affleck and billionaire Ted Waitt at the Los Angeles hot spot 1 OAK.

Onlookers spotted the trio of pals having fun and smiling, celebrating the early success of Ben Affleck’s recent movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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