How Will Tony DiNozzo Leave 'NCIS' In The Season 13 Finale

Will Tony DiNozzo Die In ‘NCIS’ Season 13 Finale?

The NCIS Season 13 finale is almost here, and fans already know they are saying goodbye to Tony DiNozzo. Michael Weatherly announced that he would leave the show, and now the big question is how. Is it possible that the show will decide to kill off DiNozzo in the finale?

NCIS‘s Season 13 finale will air in two weeks time, on Tuesday, May 25. So far, it has been shared that DiNozzo will put family first, but there is no inclination of whether that means walking away from the team to start his own family or does he choose to take a bullet for his team? There are various rumors and speculations circulating, since the finale will involve the British spy introduced two weeks ago.

FOX 411 suggests that DiNozzo could decide to leave the team for Israel. That is where Ziva David left for a few years ago, and DiNozzo has never moved on from her. The Inquisitr has reported that Cote de Pablo will not return to NCIS for the Season 13 finale, but it is possible that her character will be mentioned. Gary Glasberg has already confirmed that Ziva plays an important role in DiNozzo’s decision to leave.

It turns out that the final episode will feature DiNozzo heavily. He will be in it until the end, so fans will not be left disappointed in not having a full storyline around his departure. There has been plenty of time to write the character out in a way that fans will be happy with seeing.

Tuesday NCIS returned after a week break. The show will now air all episodes in succession until the finale on May 25. This week was the much publicized episode with First Lady Michelle Obama, featuring her real project “Joining Forces.” The project offers support to veterans and their families.

This week’s episode also introduced two new characters, both who could become regulars next year. Special Agent Tess Monroe appeared as she works closely with NCIS and FBI agent Fornell. MI-6 Officer Clayton Reeves was also introduced, who is on the manhunt for the British prisoners who escaped two weeks ago.

Tony was in London for the episode and then went off to Russia. There are speculations that he will be offered the chance to lead his own team in another country, similar to the offer he was given years ago, and will decide to take it this time.

The episode made it clear that nobody is safe in NCIS this year — well, except for the main team members who have not said anything about leaving. Fornell was shot by an unknown assailant while in Gibbs’ home. It looks like someone is after Gibbs, and this could certainly lead to the season finale.

Out of all the team members that DiNozzo would give his life for, Gibbs would be at the top of his list. He has the utmost respect for the man, and views him as a father figure. After everything that Gibbs has done for him, he would put his life on the line to help him.

Glasberg has gone on to say that nobody can replace Weatherly, but that does not mean another character will not take his desk. Nobody could replace Caitlin Todd, but Ziva soon became a fan favorite, offering something different Tony’s late partner brought to the team.

The showrunner has gone on to say that he cannot comment on how DiNozzo will come out of the show, as the episodes have not been cut yet. He did say that the filming has been amazing, and fans will not be disappointed with the way things play out. The finale will also have the largest guest cast NCIS has ever seen, but does that mean fans will mourn DiNozzo or just watch him ride into the sunset?

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