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One Direction: Why There Is No Need To Panic Over Split Rumor

Once again One Direction fans are being exploited by the less savoury elements within the U.K.’s tabloid press. One Direction fans are renowned for being fiercely loyal and tracking down the latest news about their favourite band is part of the daily routine for many One Direction fans. Since One Direction began their hiatus official, news has become harder to find, and that leaves a vacuum that the tabloids are all too keen to fill. Sadly some sections of the media are happy to prey on the fears of One Direction fans to shift copy.

As any One Direction fan is aware, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are currently enjoying a hiatus that will allow them to rest and to pursue some solo projects. Naturally, many fans are concerned that the band will never reunite, and it is this fear that makes One Direction fans easy prey for the less scrupulous elements in the media. In recent days, rumors have reemerged that One Direction may never reunite.

These rumors fly in the face of every official comment made by One Direction members and their management team. It is both important and significant that neither One Direction or their management have made any comment about these latest rumors.

The fact is that, whilst the rumors have been widely reported, they originate from a single source, Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. The outlet claims that One Direction will not reunite until 2020 – if ever. They quote a single, unnamed source close to One Direction.

“One Direction are not coming together in a year or even two. The fans have hoped that the group would honour their announcement of returning within 12 months. But that is a long way off and the boys are not even on track to mention a comeback. All four are loving their own solo freedom.

“To make matters worse, Louis and Harry are not even speaking as tensions run high between them. They weren’t talking at the end of the group and things have not eased. It may be a long time before that relationship gets better.”

The story has been picked up by numerous outlets, including the Daily Mirror, who claim that they have reached out to One Direction and SyCo, who have made no comment.

As a result of a rush of stories across the media, many One Direction fans are panicking in case we have seen the end of One Direction. The truth is that there is no need to panic. The claim that One Direction will not reunite because of a feud between Tomlinson and Styles appears to be no more than a rehash of the Sun’s claims back in October.

You may recall that it was reported in The Inquisitr in March that the Daily Star reported that Kendall Jenner had claimed that Harry had a real problem with body odor. Not content to report that revelation, they went beyond the pale to claim that “Harry Styles has breathtaking body odour that goes beyond BO.” They even claimed that Kendall would make the “revelations” in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. One Direction fans should know that the outlet was forced to apologize for that story.

One Direction should know that this is far from the first time that the Daily Star has ended up in hot water over inaccurate reporting about One Direction. Back in December, the Guardian reported that Niall Horan had won the first round in a legal battle with the Daily Star. On that occasion, Niall was taking action because it was implied that he was using crystal meth or crack cocaine during an evening spent with Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson.

Other fake One Direction stories in the Daily Star include them publishing a fake nude photo of Harry Styles. The Press Gazette reported that the tabloid was sued by Harry after falsely stating under the headline “1D Harry X-Rated Sex Pic Shame” that Styles had posted explicit pictures of himself online.

The bottom line is that claims that One Direction will not reunite come from an unnamed source in a paper that has printed numerous false stories about One Direction in the past.

Given those facts it is hardly time for One Direction fans to start panicking. Until such time as One Direction or their management make a comment about One Direction’s future, fans would do well to ignore sensationalized reporting on their favorite band.

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