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Calvin Harris Jealous Of Taylor Swift Dancing With Tom Hiddleston At Met Gala 2016?

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston danced up a storm at Met Gala 2016 and it’s bound to make her boyfriend Calvin Harris just a tiny bit jealous. The fact that he didn’t make it to Met Gala this year means that Taylor Swift, the host of the event, had full reigns in enjoying herself that night.

The night started pretty intimate between Taylor and Tom.

“Swift, 26, and the Avengers actor, 35, bonded throughout the soiree and even arrived together at the official Met Gala afterparty at Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in downtown Manhattan shortly after midnight,” reports Us Weekly. “An inside observer tells Us Weekly that the twosome stuck together all night and appeared to be really good friends.”

And the night only escalated from there. The pair was seen dancing the night away, pulling out some cool dance moves as they started to show the world that they have some wicked dance floor routines.

“Swift twirls and shimmies while Hiddleston breaks it down on the floor. Both bust out their best moves as they draw a crowd,” reports Us Weekly.

Maybe as the co-chair of the annual Costume Institute exhibition, Taylor Swift felt obliged to start the crazy dancing at the prestigious gala. She sure does know how to have fun — and it’s possible that the board picked her precisely for that reason.

She definitely dressed appropriately to dance the night away with Tom Hiddleston.

“Swift opted to bring some metallic magic to the event, wearing a cut-out silver Louis Vuitton dress with black lace-up heels,” reports E! Online. “The staple to her attire, however, is her vampy dark lips, which add a nice contrast to her already-illuminating platinum locks.”

Check out her outfit post on Instagram!

Now the pictures of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston breaking it down on the dance floor of Met Gala are all over the internet, showing that they have more than just fame in common.

These are sure to make Calvin Harris even just a tad bit jealous! He probably wishes that it was him on that dance floor.

It’s possible then that he had this reaction when he was approached about his future collaboration with the singer.

“We haven’t even spoken about it,” he said according to Yahoo. “But I can’t see it happening. She is about to take a long break.”

It’s a good thing that the couple isn’t doing everything together; if they produced music together, then they might be too much in each other’s hair.

Met Gala 2016 was probably an anticipation to the “break” that she was about to go on. Seeing how she just completed a national tour, she definitely deserves it.

But she didn’t extend the night with Tom. She instead topped the fancy evening out with some silly onesies and her girlfriends from Haim.

“[T]he singer and Met Gala co-chair chose to forego a night of partying and instead stayed in with her besties, the Haim sisters,” reports People Magazine. “Swift posted a shot of the four of them cozied up on her couch with a cheese and pepperoni pie in hand clad in an assortment of animal PJs, captioning the photo, ‘After the after party is.. Well..This.'”

Check it out right here!

After the after party is.. Well.. This. @haimtheband

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Do you think Calvin Harris has something to worry about with Tay Tay? Or do you think they are going as strong as ever?

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