Melissa Benoist Supergirl Defeat Batman

Melissa Benoist Explains How Supergirl Would Defeat A Sharknado, Batman, King Kong, And Save The Titanic

Melissa Benoist, the actress best known for shooting into stardom thanks to her role on Glee, is now playing Supergirl on the hit TV show of the same name. And according to Entertainment Weekly, she stopped by their office to take part in some ice breaker activities in April.

Melissa Benoist acted out her favorite emojis and revealed her favorite GIF from her Glee run.

In light of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Benoist sat down and discussed how her Supergirl character would deal with Batman, should the two ever square off in a fight. According to Entertainment Weekly, Melissa Benoist thinks Supergirl could gather all the Kryptonians on the planet to beat Batman.

She also went on to talk about other scenarios in which Supergirl would need to survive. Benoist brought up the bear attack from The Revenant, joking that her Supergirl character could escape the situation by “giving the bear a big old bear hug.” Melissa Benoist revealed that she hates sharks and she thinks that Supergirl would hate sharks as well. In the scenario of a Sharknado coming to life, Benoist thinks that Supergirl would “freeze breath it,” and she even went on to say that the frozen sharks could make for a modern art masterpiece.

If Supergirl were in The Hunger Games, Benoist believes that she would try to talk everybody out of hurting themselves and killing each other because Supergirl doesn’t want to hurt anybody, joking that it’s “a little unfair” for The Hunger Games tributes to try to kill her because barely anything human can hurt Supergirl.

Given a scenario where Supergirl goes up against King Kong himself, Benoist believes that Supergirl would be strong enough to just simply pick up King Kong and fly him away to somewhere he could be happy, like a jungle or his island, stressing that she wouldn’t kill him. If Supergirl made it on to the Titanic, Benoist joked that the ship and its many passengers wouldn’t have come to such a tragic demise, explaining that Supergirl could rescue the ship and its passengers.

According to Movie Pilot, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist – known collectively as the “Gleeroes” – have made truly memorable and icon portrayals of their respective superheroes: The Flash and Supergirl.

Grant Gustin appeared in Glee during its third season as Sebastian Smythe. The role brought about a lot of negative comments from Glee fans, and even some death threats, for trying to break up Kurt and Blaine (collectively known as “Klaine”). Fans ended up warming to Gustin’s character, with the character later being remembered as one of the most beloved on the show.

After being cast in Arrow, he made his final appearance in the fifth season of Glee. But it was with his role as The Flash that Gustin became a household name. His show and his performance as the character received positive attention from critics and fans alike.

Before her breakthrough role on Glee, Melissa Benoist got a start on Homeland, playing the role of the lovable, down to earth Marley Rose. Critics and fans of the show fell in love with the host of new characters in the show, including Benoist, and put the character of Marley Rose at the top of the list of the most positively received character among the new additions. After being a recurring member for one season, Benoist eventually became series regular for the show’s fifth season. It was also on the show that the former Glee star met her future husband, Blake Jenner.

Sadly, Benoist and several other Season 4 characters were removed from the show in an attempt to improve viewership. But Melissa Benoist has since expressed that this may have been the best move for her at the time, as it opened up several opportunities for her. She soon landed a role on Whiplash, followed by her role on Supergirl.

Her portrayal of Supergirl has earned her an incredibly supportive fan base that shows the series so much love even if it’s just in its very first season. Unlike other portrayals of Supergirl, Benoist managed to capture the innocence the character had in her younger days.

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