wwe rumors vince mcmahon control monday night raw shane stephanie the authority triple h

WWE News: Vince McMahon Has Made His Choice On Who Will Run ‘Monday Night Raw’ – Is It Shane Or Stephanie?

Even though tonight was the Pay-Per-View known as Payback, it was set to focus on big-time matches including one for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. None of those matches took the focus, though, as the spotlight was on Vince McMahon’s decision whether Shane McMahon or Stephanie McMahon should have control of Monday Night Raw. Well, halfway through the event, Vinnie-Mac came out and made his decision.

Vince McMahon came out to the ring and talked a little bit about how things are and asked the crowd who should get control of Raw.

Shortly after that, he introduced Stephanie to a loud chorus of boos. She went on and on for about five minutes, and the crowd never wanted her to speak at all. As she said that there was only one choice to have control in WWE, and that it was her, Shane McMahon came out to the ring.

wwe rumors vince mcmahon control monday night raw shane stephanie the authority triple h
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Shane-O Mac came out and talked up himself and how good of a job he has done over the past three weeks while running Raw. The crowd cheered him over and over again as he spoke of the different things he has done and how he is better than Stephanie.

After a few minutes of that, Vince McMahon took back control of the situation and decided to throw a huge curve ball at all the WWE fans. He got them all hyped up and prepared them for the big announcement.

He looked at his kids and simply stated, “Figuratively speaking…I want blood!”

Yes, both of the McMahon children are in control of Monday Night Raw, and it isn’t entirely clear how that is going to work. There was no real word of Triple H, but everyone pretty much understands that he is always right there with Stephanie as The Authority.

wwe rumors vince mcmahon control monday night raw shane stephanie the authority triple h
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Maybe there was so much Internet chatter the past couple of weeks about the brand split returning to WWE that they needed to change things. Perhaps the rumors were true, but WWE didn’t want to be predictable so they decided to put it off for another month or two.

This whole angle with Shane and Stephanie having control of Raw is going to end up blowing up in their faces as it can’t just go on like that for very long. It’s expected that there will be some sort of agreement between them to start, but that it will get ugly pretty fast.

Wrestling Inc. also pointed out that Triple H has been noticeably absent from everything going on with WWE and Raw since the ending of WrestleMania 32. It’s probably just him taking a break from television and dealing with NXT, but it is odd.

For now, Monday Night Raw doesn’t have just one person in control but at least two and possibly three. This is going to lead to something much bigger, and it could end up coming to full-out war at Battleground in late July.

That may be where everything gets to be too much, and control is on the line yet again.

Vince McMahon has finally made his decision on who should run Monday Night Raw and have the primary control of WWE, and yet there is still nothing resolved. Both Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon are in control of Raw, and this is likely going to confuse matters even more. It could lead to the brand split, WarGames, and other things, but as of now, no one has any real idea what those things could possibly be.

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