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Lindsay Lohan Braless, Letting It All Hang Out While Vintage Shopping In Venice

lindsay lohan side boob

Lindsay Lohan braless shopping photos turned the afternoon of vintage clothing browsing into a headline generating outing. While cruising vintage shops in Venice, California, LiLo opted to go braless while wearing a white halterneck and backless top. The Lindsay Lohan “sideboob” images almost immediately filtered onto the internet, prompting scoffs from fashionistas.

Lohan, adorned in Chanel sunglasses, was photographed outside a Venice vintage shop braless while on a smoke break. Little did LiLo know that her nicotine craving would generate such a stir. The braless Lindsay Lohan photo may be the subject of fashion backlash from some circles, but the Mean Girls actress is also being heralded for her willingness to showcase her curves, despite the sideboob cleavage noted in the photos, according to the Daily Mail.

LiLo, a 36D, noted she developed late and still had baby fat until she was 16, according to Cosmopolitan interview excerpts republished by the Daily Mail. The actress also stated how much she does not like talking about her chest measurements, which did not begin forming until she was 17. Lohan said her formerly small breast size made her feel insecure, and she admitted she used to stuff her bra. All Lohan’s insecurities over her cup size must have faded away, as she posed for Playboy magazine last December.

Lindsay Lohan on her Playboy spread:

“Knowing your body and being in touch with your body is important because it gives you confidence and in life, women need confidence. It’s a very male-dominated world, so knowing yourself and being comfortable with your body is an important thing for me as a woman.”

The braless Lindsay Lohan was shopping with her brother Cody when the photos were taken. Cody Lohan recently finished filming The Canyons with porn star James Deen. Lindsay Lohan just wrapped on Liz & Dick and will also appear in Scary Movie 5 and Machete Kills.

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70 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Braless, Letting It All Hang Out While Vintage Shopping In Venice”

  1. Aaron Coleburne Saltzer

    Um, this is the first I've heard of her going to appear in Machete Kills. Also, why do you keep referring to her as "The Braless Lindsay Lohan"? You make her sound like an object.

  2. Karen Henkels

    This is the stupidest story because it is a BEACH TOWN I'm sure Lindsay's Breast weren't the only ones Available for the Asshole Stalkers to Photograph. She is a Human Being people Let her SHOP ON HER TIME WITHOUT BEING STALKED, have some Respect for a PERSON who only wants to go out and NOT be Bothered by Morons.There otta be a Law against this! I suppose if she had been in a Bathing suit you would have said she was Flaunting herself get a Freaking Life Photocreepers.

  3. Anonymous

    OMG! This Ho is the flabbiest out of shape soccer ball hangin ugly full of herself C***.

  4. Ed G Power

    Heck, just go watch her in 'Herbie' she did several years ago…her 'headlights' are on through the entire movie!

  5. Harry Cocks

    People of Dumfukistan (formerly known as the USA) read this story! It is of utter importance! When finished reread it again! Then go about your daily life of mass consumption and always obey…

  6. Anonymous

    Yahoo, show Loosy Lohans *side-boobs pic*…OR IT DIDn't HAPPEN!

  7. Anonymous

    Waste of news worthy and she is a waste of talent…..Another "Poor Hollywood child gone wild"….

  8. Dee Robinson Kueberth

    Her letting her boobs hang out is news? Like the entire free world hasn't already seen them.

  9. John Corio

    she is a little whore with no brains. they should put he ass in the slamer.

  10. Dennis Pridmore

    forgive him he must have thought if you got this far you were smart enough to google the image dumbazz

  11. Joe Mackinac

    Thanks for the picture. Nobody cares about the words of a come dumpters and the TMZ scavengers eating out of it.

  12. Clayton Doyle Tanner

    Ok first of all who gives a shit! Second if anyone has been shopping in Italy this is nothing to gasp at! Just leave the woman alone!

  13. Michael Carr

    You're right Clayton. Tabloid journalism continues to publicize this woman's troubles which isn't all that news worthy. Yes, who gives a shit if she wasn't wearing a bra. I was curious about see this but eventually cancel the download.

  14. Anonymous


  15. Chelsea Dee Bridson

    I bet she gets a kick out of articles like this. hahahhahahaha
    if I was famous..i would this shit is hilarious.

  16. Pj Maddox

    That is what they all say, after enhancement: "I developed late". LOL
    Maybe so, in a lot of other areas. brains, common sense, self discipline. she had "arrested development".

  17. David Ferrara

    This story about her bobbs is virtually the only media outlet in history not to include pictures of her sideboob.

  18. Jeremy Parks

    Yahoo is a huge joke. One day they will pull the plug and say,"just kidding, we weren't a real news organization. real news has pictures."

  19. Alan Bennett

    Did you know that her mouth has been stuck open like that for 10 years? Makes it handy for her nights out on the town.

  20. Debbie Sparks

    Yeah right she didn't develop until she was 17! What a crock of hooey! She got breast implants so that she could take on more adult roles. Of course, then she shot herself in the foot by not staying out of trouble. I didn't see Liz & Dick but aside from that, what movies has she been in in the last 6 years? She's a has been actress with no descernable talent except stealing, wrecking her car, and engaging in bar fights. On to the next starlet!

  21. Leland Maurello

    all I can say is thank GOD (who's existance is debatable) for LiLo, who's existence is verifiable not debatable, but controversial nonetheless. And has better boobs than said "God".

  22. Kc Quick

    It is sad that the tabloids continue to report on things like this! If the tabloids would stop reporting ever moves Lindsey makes then chances are she would straighten up and stop getting in as much trouble! She gets in trouble so much for attention! Very sad!

  23. Anonymous

    Boy, for someone that's in trouble all the time, and is a complete loser, she's not doing to bad….

  24. Anonymous

    Boy, for someone that's in trouble all the time, and is a complete loser, she's not doing to bad….

  25. Anonymous

    for someone that's always in trouble, flaunting the law, and just a low life…she's not doing to bad…

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