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New Black Panther Party Claims Tampa Is ‘Under Siege’ Due To GOP Convention

new black panther party gop convention tampa

New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff Michelle Williams feels Tampa is under siege by whites, Republicans, and “tea baggers” due to the upcoming GOP presidential convention, the Examiner reports. During a Black Power Radio segment earlier this week, Williams also chastised black conservatives, said she hates whites, and details why she feels all black people should as well.

During Williams Black Power Radio address she “vowed” that until whites stop characterizing blacks as ni***rs, her feet will be on their mother f***ing necks. Said New Black Panthers Party Chief of Staff Michelle Williams in a radio address excerpt:

“I just want to say to all the listeners on this phone call, that if you are having any doubt about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we’re in that has never ended, let me tell you something, the thing that’s about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these people, these motherf****r, it has been long overdue.”

A separate audio recording posted on Black Power Radio this week attributed to King Samir Shabazz delves deeper into racial relations in America. The New Black Panther Party radio show host stated that “blacks will have to kill white babies seconds after they’re born” and mentions firebombing nurseries.

“Blacks are too scared to drag whites out of their houses, skin them, hang them in trees, drag them behind trucks and pour acid on them.” – Black Power Radio recording excerpt.

The New Black Panther Party website mission statement notes the group wants full employment and dignity for black people, a tax exemption, decent housing, an end to the death penalty, trials by a jury consisting of the defendant’s peer group, exemption from military service, and an end to the police harassment, brutality and murder of black people. The tax exemption issue stems from a party belief that black people have been denied equal justice and reparations.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified the New Black Panther Party as a hate group, describing the organization as “virulently racist” and anti-semetic. The New Black Panther Party was founded in Dallas and currently has active branches along the East Coast, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Black Panther Party founded during the 1960s has rejected the modern version of the party as a racist hate group as well and object to the “hijacking” of the Black Panther symbol and name.

Warning – graphic audio recordings

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23 Responses to “New Black Panther Party Claims Tampa Is ‘Under Siege’ Due To GOP Convention”

  1. Chad Towns

    I think an AK-47 would hush her mouth. That is a hood rat for sure!

  2. Anonymous

    The New Black Panthers are here for our entertainment. Non stop threats about "killing white babies", racist diatribe about the evils of the "white race", every kind of threat of violence all leading to what? Nothing! Your lack of action makes your verbal propaganda pure comedy. I was at a sports bar when the TV cut to a New Black Panther demonstration. Men and women Black Panthers were dancing and shaking their fists. A guy in the bar shouted "look at the black activist boy scout uniforms". The bar erupted in laughter. And the longer the Black Panthers danced and pranced, the louder the laughter became. Go ahead and post your nasty racist comments Mr. & Mrs. Black Panther. The nastier you get, the more you make my point. You talk, dance, shake your fists non stop but you do and accomplish nothing.

  3. Steve Bruscino

    They want a military exemption? It's a volunteer army. All people have to do is not sign the dotted line and they are exempt. This story is crazy.

  4. Molly Jones

    Sounds like extreme Islamists to me. They will conquer & destroy from within by using the name of the black panters. If the bitch wants to stop being treated like a freakin ni…r, then she better stop acting like one.

  5. Lisa McDaniel

    Okay – due to these comments – I want to sue her and her group for threats against man/women kind. Isn't that what they would do if someone (white) was to talk like this? I am Native American and our people were put on small pieces of land and told not to leave it or else. Our land was taken from us and you don't see our people pulling this kind of crap and talking smack. WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT ON THIS? Why has he not stepped up to the plate and stopped this crap? hhhmmmmmm

  6. Tom Lloyd

    What happened to the 1st Black Panther Party can be repeated in history. Quite a few of them were eliminated I believe, weren't they? Typical big mouth dredges on society. I prey they'll see the light and don't accept that they represent the African community as a whole. Just saying.

  7. Roseanne Menegalli

    F… the Black Panters, with talk like that why would they wonder why people hate them..

  8. Clint Jones

    They want a race war? I'm in…lets get this party started! I tried to tell folks when obozo was elected…sooner or later a race war will ensue.

  9. Norbit Peters

    Is this the DOMESTIC ARMY Obama was talking about?

    WHERE'S BOEHNER? ROMNEY? – and the rest of the Spineless GOP to take this on, and demand their arrest?

  10. Norbit Peters

    This Community Agitator in the White house has calculatingly orchestrated divisions with blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and gays; he's plundered our treasury and subjugated 100 million people to dependency on welfare and food stamps;.

    He's tried to consolidate Banks, Auto, Energy, and Health Care under one central government control, while gutting small business and free enterprise; he's demeaned the Supreme Court and virtually ignored due process in imposing his will on a SPINELESS GOP!

    He's a Marxist despot, born & raised, and he probably has every intention of staying in that White House – by any means necessary!

    On Kuuleme's thread, Deven proffered that he's fomenting a race war; I'd expand upon that to include ethnicity, class and religion as well.
    Look at their blatant anti-Christian, Jewish bias; yet their appeasement of radical Islam.

    He supports the overthrow of Middle East dictators friendly to the US, while remaining silent on the Iranian revolt.

    He's embraced every anti-American agitator from Ayers to Wright, and has stewarded the most nefarious, clandestine White House in history.

    He has a Soros-funded, willing and complicit press liason in Media Matters, while the remaining outlets of his COLLUSION MEDIA dutifully propagate his lies.

    The people that dismiss this Power Coup are ignoring the fact that Marxists are doing this all over the world, so why wouldn't they try it here?

    Deven is probably on to something that all the pieces are falling into place.

    The only problem they'll run into here is that we're a LOT MORE ARMED than most of the rest of the world, and like LA when the gangs tried to take to the hills during the riots, any forcible attempt at a takeover will probably be met with considerable resistance. – and I don't think the military will turn on civilians here, before they turn on the POS in the White House.

  11. Sara Eberly

    I completely agree. I am part Cherokee, and the Native Americans out of EVERYONE have been treated the worst over the centuries. Yet you NEVER see Native Americans protesting the way whites, blacks, and mexicans do. It is completely sad what the whites did to the Native Americans, America was their land, and the whites and blacks came in and took it from them. I 100% agree with you Lisa. Unfortunately, the president most likely backs this hatred speech, just as he has done in the past.

  12. Robert Vanderstock

    What's wrong with this ghetto mouth nigga woman rambling on to deaf ears. If she wants a race war then she will get one. She should be the first one to go.

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