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Police Officer Hits Child With Motorcycle, Gets Attacked, And Kills The Girl’s Father

chicago police officer attacked

An off-duty police officer hit a four-year-old girl with his motorcycle and was then was physically attacked by and allegedly shot the child’s angry father. Just moments after a veteran Chicago police officer reportedly hit the young child, the girl’s irate dad allegedly physically attacked the law enforcement officer. The Chicago cop was on his way home from a shift when he saw the little girl running into the street, according to The Blaze. To prevent the motorcycle from running over the child, the officer jumped from the bike, pulling it down towards the pavement with him.

Although the quick actions by the Chicago police officer, 43, kept the motorcycle from running over the girl, it flipped on top of her and her cousin John Passley,18, as it skidded along the roadway. The police officer immediately began aiding the child when her father Christopher Middleton, 26, ran from a restaurant nearby. The Chicago law enforcement officer maintains he identified himself, but Middleton allegedly punched him in the face hard enough to knock him to the ground anyway. Christopher Middleton allegedly continued to hit the police officer repeatedly while he was on the ground, the Daily Herald reports.

“Take it easy, I’m the police,” the Chicago police officer stated, according to the Daily Herald. The injured girl’s father reportedly responded, “I don’t give a f**k who you are,” and punched the Chicago cop again. People walking by the motorcycle accident allegedly began kicking the officer, who was still on the ground, aiding Middleton in the physical attack.

The officer reportedly drew his service weapon to protect himself, fired once, and wounded Middleton fatally. Tina Middleton, the shooting victim’s sister, told the Chicago Sun Times that her brother was a good person and she believes he “was not out to harm” the officer.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Tina Middleton also stated during the newspaper interview. Christopher Middleton and his daughter were visiting relatives in his home town at the time of the accident. Middleton was planning on getting married on August 18; he also has a six-year-old son and unborn child.

The little girl hit by the Chicago police officer’s motorcycle suffered minor abrasions and contusions and was held in a local hospital overnight for observation and then released. Passley is being held by police officers for questioning about the attack and fatal shooting. The 8-year veteran Chicago police officer suffered a broken leg and shoulder from the crash and multiple contusions to his body and head from the attack. The shooting remains under investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority.

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62 Responses to “Police Officer Hits Child With Motorcycle, Gets Attacked, And Kills The Girl’s Father”

  1. Jafrum International Inc.

    So this shooting incident are still now under observation? The police officer doesn't have the right to shoot the father, if the father blows his right hand and punched the police officer's face then he will turn it back with a fist not with his firearm.

  2. Anonymous

    Was this officer drunk? Was this officer speeding? Why did the bike skid & flip – sounds like speeding. Did he lose control of his motorcycle & then after the fact make up this story about "laying it down"? Why would anyone lay a bike down on purpose? You can't control a skidding bike like that.

    It was a little kid… why couldn't a motorcycle miss a little kid? Why not hit a parked car rather than a little kid.

    The 18 year old cousin should NOT have kicked this officer. That probably scared him into using the gun.

    Why didn't the officer fire a warning shot up in the air first?

    There were people all around including the little girl – he could have shot her.

    Hmmmm – sounds like a police officer would have the training of driving in emergency situations & would have hit a parked car before a little kid.

    Sounds like he was NOT in control of his vehicle. Would have been interesting to know if the people in the area would have helped the officer if he'd hit a car instead of doing the stupid things he did…. and got hurt from that.

    Not sure he would have gotten hurt any worse.

    How sad this story is. hmmmm

  3. Michael Buergers

    the officer acted in self defense. I know emotions were probably going crazy but middleton acted without thinking. end of story. don't let your kid run out into the middle of the road, it would have all been avoided.

  4. Preston Mead

    Agree with U in selfdefence – knocked down by the father and was kept on being punched/hit by the father while still on the ground,, kicked/assaulted by others [police training = NO WARNING SHOTS ]
    By the way ~ ~ Father IN THE RESTURANT WHILE little F O U R (4) year old girl was

  5. Robert Chandler

    When an officer cannot overcome you with his strength he will try and shoot u.

    It seems though as if Police Officers are soooo weak in their normal everyday lives that they rely on their firearm.

    And so the question is how come he couldn't overcome him? Sounds like this dude was too much for him. lol

  6. Drew Gerhart

    Really Richard? Even if it was your daughters fault for darting out in the middle of the street. Sounds to me as if you are as ignorant as the father in this story. No one should be attacked for a traffic accident.

  7. Drew Gerhart

    Ok why don't you let someone break your shoulder and leg and then try to fight two people while you are already down. Yeah doesn't sound so easy does it. And just so you know people can recieve permanent injuries if not killed from beatings like that

  8. Drew Gerhart

    Did you not read that he had a broken leg and shoulder and their were two guys beating him. And it was just a punch they both put the boots to him after he fell to the ground. Jeez when a black person does this it's self defense, when a white person does it it's a travesty.

  9. Drew Gerhart

    Can you stop a motorcycle in less than 4 feet going 35 mph (posted speed limit) I didn't think so. No one would be held accountable for hitting someone in circumstances like these, police or not.

  10. Nate Seacat

    More people are beaten to death every year than are killed with all forms of rifles. Don't underestimate the lethality of a strong young man, and in this case a partner

  11. Anonymous

    what's the little girls side of the story? witnesses? sounds fishy to me! remember sean bell.

  12. Anonymous

    Richard B Wright Jr. Thats why fools like you uneducated andiincapable of critical thinking don't deserve to have children. The officer is a hero you idiot. Read the story. He saved a girls lie and only injured another You're dumb ass would have killed them both, and you are probly the type of idiot like the father here who's AWESOME parenting skills almost got his daughter killed. This is the father's fault and he deserves what he got. He should have been kissing the officers feet in thanks and begging forgiveness for being a shi**y parent like you are. Your anger issues have NOTHING to do with your daughter or her protection. You're just another F'd up dude who is so weak he has NO control over himself which will NO DOUBT cause you to raise a fucked up daughter with daddy anger issues. ALL tough guys like you are PHONIES and FOOLS and you do nothing but weaken this country because you refuse to use any brains you may have. I'm sure social darwinism will rid of us fools like you when you inevitably do that one thing thats just a little too over the top stupid and it kills you. Your own stupidity and mental weakness will be responsible for your premature, yet not surprising, death. God bless you unfortunate manchild. The husband, who I feel for, cannot say his wife or anyone can or should be allowed to run down officers and possibly killing others. She got herself shot because of HER OWN actions. Grow up if you need to and just ACCEPT IT. Justice is already done.

  13. Anonymous

    You werent there you dont now what happened. Maybe his helmet liited his peripheral vision. OBVIOUSLY he did NOT SEE HER, UNLESS YOU ARE SAYING HER HIT HER ON PURPOSE? You have no idea how often kids run out into the street 1 or 2 feet in front of a vehicle. WHICH MEANS ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP IN TIME EVEN IF YOU SLAM ON THE BAKES IMMEDIATELY, esecially with ABS. Its tragic, but its just life. Stop hating and blaming.

  14. Leslie Nicholson Klatt

    Then make sure you are watching your daughter and she can't run out into the street in front of a moving motorcycle!!!!!!l

  15. Leslie Nicholson Klatt

    The kids runs out into the street and its the cops fault? Who the hell was watching this little girl?

  16. Alex Hayton

    Father left his daughter unattended to the point where she's running out into the middle of the street, in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Motorcyclist sacrifices his body by putting the bike down in an attempt to keep it from hitting the child and in the process sustains a broken leg and shoulder and probably some serious road rash, and from that, Richard, you say, "Someone runs over my daughter I wouldn't care who they were or where they worked."? Jesus Christ, man, get a clue.

  17. Alex Hayton

    the little girl is 4 years old. what kind of 'side of the story' are you expecting out of a 4 year old?

  18. Kevin Holmes

    Only cowards use guns. The man was mad due to the fact his child was hit. Any of you can say it doesn't matter but if it were you I guarantee your reaction would be the same as the fathers. Sad that now a 4 yr old has to grow up without her dad. That is the reality of today's world, always someone wanting to pull out a gun because they get bested.

  19. Anonymous

    anyone stupid enough to take on a police officer deserves to get shot. If you read the article it states that other people were kicking the officer while he was on the ground aiding the victim. The father should have been watching the innocent kids instead drinking 40's and passing blunts.

  20. Chad David Thatcher

    Justice was served. He and another thug decided to kick the man while he was on the ground. Instead of tending to his daughter and thanking the man for mowing his daughter over, he decided to act like the thug criminal he is. He got what he deserved. Case closed! Too bad he wasn't able to shoot the other gangbanger thug that was kicking him.

  21. Anonymous

    Kevin, I don't know man. Did you read the same story as I did??? I think you need to review the part about the cop attempting to avoid the girl by jumping off the bike, pulling it down and then giving aid to the injured girl. The cop was then attacked by Middleton and his homies, and tried to defend himself even with a broken leg. It seems the only thing this cop was guilty of was being a bad bike rider, and trying to save a little girl that shouldn't have been IN THE STREET in the first place.

  22. Anonymous

    Well that's what his a$$ get! I am sick and tired of my fellow African dumb a$$ Americans always wanting justice because they couldn't control there anger. It's quite damn obvious that he didn't give a damn about checking on his daughter first, but he made the choice to be angry and fight the man first….. I guess his priorities were definitely out of whack!

  23. Hayven Williams

    I can see both sides argument if you hiy my child Id go nuts to , but if I was the cop I would have shot somebody to so they both acted just.

  24. Kevin Holmes

    I don't think shooting the man in a potentially fatal spot was the answer. The dad did over react but didn't deserve to get killed over it. If nothing less he could have shot him in the knee or arm. As for other people walking by and just hopping in on the beating, I don't really think that happened. I was not there but I think that cop would have been in a really bad neighborhood for people to just stroll by and get in the action. The one that has lost something is the little girl. Not to many men will stand up and be dads anymore and that is sad. Also I know there has to be a video of it going down. Now days everyone has a cell phone with a camera.

  25. Robbie Barron

    He was being assaulted by a group of multiple strangers, lethal force would have been justified even if he had been on duty, much less off duty and unable to radio for back up. Oh, and FYI, people they say stuff about shooting to wound are speaking from blatant ignorance. If you're in hand to hand combat and shoot someone to save your own life, you just shoot whatever you can. Another thing is that you can't just ignore part of the story because you think it would have to be a bad neighborhood for that to happen. Was it a bad neighborhood? What if it was bad people in a good neighborhood? People love to criticize others' actions (especially the actions of the police) when they have absolutely no clue about the reality of such situations.

  26. Anonymous

    As a cop, many departments do not allow their officers to fire warning shots. Besides, depending on the seriousness of the @$$whoopin, the cop might have just been trying to save his life. All he need to do is feel as though he is in great death or bodily harm.

  27. Kevin Holmes

    I read each one of your replies to my post and see you criticize my point of views but yet not one of you has mentioned any type of sympathy for a 4 yr old who has to grow up with out a father. Like I said before The dad over reacted and the cop defended himself to avoid getting killed. I never said the cop should have been beaten to death nor did I say he deserved it. All I meant was he could have tried to wound the guy instead of fatally wounding him. I still say it is hard to believe that there were people just walking randomly up to them and beating the cop. Until there is hard evidence to support the claim it is just here say. Also the little girl was being walked across the street by her 18 yr old relative. As far as criticizing cops, I will tell you this. When I was growing up in my hometown the cops were as crooked as they come. Always wanting to bust someones balls for shits and giggles. One cop shot a kid in the back here because he thought he was breaking in a building which was not the case. So you or nobody can change my point of view on how police are. I am not saying all cops are bad but where I come from there are very few.

  28. Daniel Ringquist

    really what piece of crap. it takes crazy asses to attack those trying to help. sound like the locals had a chance to stromp. oh yeah, belittle your race with jackass reactions. Who will care when you act like animals. Let's bust Robert down during his defense of his unpreventable actions. fuck you

  29. Anonymous

    Keep in mind the attacking with the random people only allegedly happened, you can't say for certain that it happened just because a police officer says it happened. People lie about all sorts of things to make themselves appear better, this police officer could be no different, sure he got beat up by the father, but what can you expect? I would be pissed too if my child got hit, someone should have been watching her better, but he could have restrained the father, shoot him in the leg or use his stun gun. But now, the girl is left fatherless because of an officer's rash actions. It's a sad thing.

  30. Anonymous

    Kevin Holmes its a crap situation all around,
    #1 I agree, why was father in a restaurant while his 4 year old is with her cousin out in the street?
    #2 the officer did remarkably well controlling his bike and should be applauded for it.
    #3 I as a father would have likely initially acted the same beating the crap out of him, not caring he said he was a cop, but why did he not check on his little girl first?
    #4 "Cowards use guns"? So all military, police, secret service, and responsible armed citizens are cowards? please think this statement through.
    #5 shooting in a potentially fatal spot? Every spot on the human body can be potentially fatal or not. From 12 years of Emergency medicine in and out of the hospital every shot is different. I've had head shots walk out the next day, I've had simple abdomens die in an hour.
    #6 "Potentially fatal spot", that is all you should shoot someone in, reason being before you get upset, a Firearm is a deadly weapon, it is not intended to injury and wound. also police and military are ONLY TRAINED FOR FATAL SHOTS, brain and upper chest. because if the situation arises that they draw their weapon they should only be in desperate fear for thier lives or people around them. This man was on the ground being attacked by multiple people, kicking and hitting him, he was most definitely justified in being in fear for his life. If you don't think so have 3-4 + people put you on the ground and just whack you with pillows or wiffle bats and see how fearful you get.
    This is again a crap situation, the father acted irresponsibly and inappropriately and it is sad and horrible how this situation ended.

  31. Anonymous

    he shot the father after a group was beating him while he was injured on the ground. yes it is a sad event but the shooting could very well be justified by a group beating on one man on the ground.

  32. Anonymous

    Rash would have been to shoot him after the first punch, it shows restraint and intelligent judgment that he didnt. Think about how much time passed, father runs out, hits him, beats on him then people start seeing the scene, then come up and start beating him too, then he shoots the father. what should he have done? waited for more people to show up? I am NOT saying it was right. But justified, yes unfortunately.

  33. Ryan Yandris

    Something tells me there's a little more to the story….but all we have is the story. However, the little girl had minor injuries. So after hitting the officer multiple times why didn't he just stop? And why did others have to jump in and kick the downed officer? If the dad would have been smart he would have checked on his little girl first and then just sued the crap out of the City and/or the cop? Sad story all around.

  34. Anonymous

    SELF-DEFENSE Good Job, besides who lets a 4 year old girl at 10:30 PM.

  35. Kurt Hibbs

    have you EVER used a gun? you can't aim and just choose tiny spots to shoot. You might as well say he should have shot the bike, causing the tankt to explode, shooting him out of harms way.

  36. Belinda Haynes

    the child has virtually no injuries and the cop took a broken leg and shoulder just for trying to avoid the accident. THE PARENT IS AT FAULT FOR NOT SUPERVISING THE CHILD ADEQUATELY AND THEN ATTACKING THE PERSON WHO WAS TRYING TO HELP HER REGARDLESS OF HIS OWN INJURIES!!!!

  37. Belinda Haynes

    Kevin Holmes you seem to forget the fact that the father was an idiot and letting the child run loose in the street instead of supervising and making sure she was safe… then he has the hide to get all upset because someone tried not to run over her, but she got minor injuries… there was no excuse for him to go the man, police officer or not as it was his own fault the child was in the street

  38. Belinda Haynes

    1) what responsible adult lets a 4 year old go ANYWHERE unsupervised.
    2) why would you attack a police officer who is clearly injured trying not to run over your child.
    3) what kind of idiot continues to attack after the officer has identified himself.
    4) what kind of assholes were the passersby who also attacked the officer… hope you don't need a cop to get your drug fucked boyfriend or husband to stop beating you next time he is on duty.
    5) just the act of pulling the gun should have made any intelligent person stop and think perhaps it wasn't a good idea to keep attacking.
    6) officers are taught to shoot for the biggest target area… any bullet can be fatal depending on trajectory and distance, it doesn't have to be instant, they do a ton of damage no matter where they enter or exit.

  39. Daniel Mulholland

    OKAY 1. The officer was white , 2. people walking by were black that started kicking him 3. He shot that motherfucker dead GOOD JOB OFFICER.

  40. Tonny Olesen

    “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Tina Middleton also stated during the newspaper interview.
    What the hell does that even mean? 'He was wrong to beat and continue to beat and kick someone, but that doesn't make it 'right' for the officer to defend himself?
    Sorry but there was only ONE wrong, the attack of the officer. You don't just attack people because you are mad. He didn't do it on purpose, he wasn't molesting his daughter, he did everything he could to avoid hitting her. What the hell was she doing out running the streets of Chicago without parental supervision?

    The man broke his own leg and shoulder trying to avoid her, he could have just hit her.

  41. Tonny Olesen

    Would you care whether or not your kid ran out in the road and the driver did everything they could to try and AVOID hitting her? The driver did everything he could to avoid hitting her to the point of breaking his own leg and shoulder, but you would still attack him? Attack yourself, because any IGNORANT parent who doesn't take care of their kids properly is a jerk.

  42. Tonny Olesen

    WRONG – HE and anybody else under attack by a mob has the right to shoot. PERIOD.
    You are such a liar in your description of events anyway. 'If the fathers blows his right hand blah blah then he will turn it back with a fist and not with his firearm.' What are you PREACHING? I don't know what 'blows his right hand' means, but how about punch, punch, punch, punch, kick kick kick I don't give a fuck who you are punch punch punch….man on the ground with a broken leg AND broken shoulder,unable to defend himself, set upon by MULTIPLE ATTACKERS who refused to stop attacking AND KICKING. SHOULD HE HAVE JUST LAY THERE AND ALLOWED HIMSELF TO BE BEATEN DO DEATH? Over something that was clearly not his fault in the first place?

    In my opinion, the officer showed incredible self restraint in not shooting somebody SOONER.

  43. Tonny Olesen

    The only reason it sounds 'fishy' to you is because the dead guy is black and you are a racist.

    What do you mean 'what's the little girls side of the story'? I was playin on the sidewalk and then sumthin happened. THATs the story most 4 year olds would tell. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sounds fishy about this story. This crap happens every damned day.

    Also, sorry about Sean Bell but why should I remember him specifically out of the 100 thousand homicide victims in the past 6 years. Idiot.

  44. Tonny Olesen

    What kind of dumbass leaves his 4 year old outside on a chicago street with an 18 yr old boy as the responsible party? The same kind who then rushes out and attacks the injured driver of an accident caused by said family members, and when the guy says 'stop punching me, I'm a cop' you say ' i don't give a fuck who you are' and then cousin joins in and starts kicking the man as well. Sounds like a Disney movie.

  45. Tonny Olesen

    At first I was mad, because you said you think there's 'more' to the story, which implies the cop was lying and which is what the majority of black respondents post with nothing to back it up.
    BUT then you brought up some very excellent points. The girl had minor injuries, why did he continue to attack the officer (in my opinion why did he attack the officer at ALL – I would be willing to attack somebody who hurt my kid, but not if it was my fault – and the dad didn't even know really what happened he just attacked like an animal or something). Why did others jump in? Why DIDN'T he stop to check on his daughter?
    But then you said 'sued the crap out of the city and/or cop' and I got pissed off all over again. Why the hell should he sue the crap out of anybody? The man broke his leg and shoulder, jumping off his bike and pulling it down ON TOP of himself to try to avoid hitting the girl WHO WAS IN THE STREET. The bike flipped. But he isn't require by law or ethics to do any of that. He could have just hit her to try to avoid injury to himself (which BELIEVE me many people would do) and he still would not have been in the wrong, because he was not at fault.

    People need to watch their kids, their own kids, not leave them under the auspicious safety of the monitoring of their 18 year old idiot cousin. If your kids run in the street you can't go trying to kill people who hit them. My 11 year old cousin was killed hit by a car. He pulled out of a driveway onto the street, something kids do all the time. His head came through the windshield and the woman who hit him, while completely faultless, is just basically destroyed. His father committed suicide a couple of years later. Even 11 year olds are not fully capable of making safety decisions as pedestrians. Much less a 4 year old.

  46. Steve O Steve

    1St of all you don't fire a warning shot, this isn't Mayberry. Where does this la la land warning shot go? if it goes up it has to come down some where.
    He laid his bike down to SAVE the kids in the street. Obviously you have never been on a bike. Once it's on it's side sliding it can simply hit a bump and flip back on it's other side or spin. He was in complete control until it flipped. These guys have extensive training to be become a motorcycle officer. Now he's on the ground with broken bones and multiple people are kicking his ass, he has one option , be severely beaten or killed or shoot.Plain & simple. Until you have been in a similar situation don't point fingers.

  47. Terry Cansler

    The shit you ppl say is digusting. This lil girl was 4 yrs old. The father was scared and angry. No one deserved to die in this situation

  48. Michelle Deaton

    This sounds stupid. Why would people passing by the accident join in on kicking the cop.. Don't you think they would be helping the little girl?

  49. Anonymous

    People in the black community never take responsibility for their negligence. They will resort to blaming everyone or everything else but themselves. The people in the area who joined in to attack officer were black. They don't react by right or wrong, only black vs. white.

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