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17 year old Georgia Jagger topless in Hudson Jeans ad


17 year old Georgia Jagger appears topless in an ad for Hudson Jeans and some people are having a problem with it.

Mediabistro’s Agencyspy says this about exploiting young women in advertising:

“They’re also off limits when it comes to sexual references in advertising. This kind of work perpetuates the notion that children and sex somehow fit into the same category, which they clearly do not.”

Yesterday it was 16 year olds stripping in Rhode Island, today it’s a 17 year old topless in a print ad. What will tomorrow bring?

Folks, don’t you think the sexualizing of young girls for profit is getting a little out of hand?

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2 Responses to “17 year old Georgia Jagger topless in Hudson Jeans ad”

  1. Steve Reinhardt

    How often do we see young teenage boys with their shirts off in advertisments? Do you think women don't have lustfull thoughts about topless healthy young men? The lust and perversions are in the eye of the beholder.

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