Prince cremated, private funeral held

Prince Funeral: Family, Friends Hold Private Ceremony As Fans Learn Artist Was Cremated

On April 23, 2016, People reported that friends and family members of the artist Prince, held a private funeral earlier that day in a service described as beautiful. It was also reported that Prince had been cremated as opposed to being laid to rest. The sudden death of Prince and news of the private funeral has come as a shock to many fans who continue to share their love, memories and loss through social media networks and news outlets. According to the article, Sheila E and Prince’s ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, were several of the people in attendance. Prince’s rep confirmed the private funeral to People through a statement.

“A few hours ago, Prince was celebrated by a small group of his most beloved: family, friends and his musicians, in a private, beautiful ceremony to say a loving goodbye. Prince’s remains have been cremated and their final storage will remain private. We ask for your blessings and prayers of comfort for his family and close friends at this time. The cause of death remains unknown and it will be at least four weeks before we receive the results of the autopsy. An announcement will be made at a future date for a musical celebration. “

You may see video footage from Paisley Park below, as attendees gathered for the funeral service.

News that Prince had already been cremated and the funeral held just days after his death has taken some fans by surprise. Many expressed sentiments on social media such as Twitter, that they wanted to watch a televised funeral such as the funerals held for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. As the storage place where Prince’s cremains will be kept is also being withheld from the public, many fans are turning to other events in order to memorialize, remember and honor the artist.

As some fans openly express their dismay of not being able to attend the funeral, events are being planned in Prince’s honor across the globe.

It’s too soon to know exactly how Prince died, or the official cause of death. An autopsy has been completed, but it can take 4-8 weeks to get autopsy results back; especially when toxicology is involved. According to reports by TMZ, there was indication that Prince may have been taking the pain killer Percocet; however, these reports have yet to be confirmed. TMZ’s Harvey Levin appeared on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and discussed theories that Prince may have overdosed on drugs six days prior to his death. You may watch the video from that interview below.

Again, it is simply too early in the death investigation to determine whether Prince overdosed on drugs or if his death was a result from complications from a previous drug overdose. Many fans have expressed sentiments that if Prince did die from drugs, it will not change their opinion about him as an artist. Other fans are coming to defend Prince and feel that comments regarding possible drug use are being brought up maliciously.

What do you think? Are you disappointed that a small, private funeral was held for Prince? Would you have liked to attend or watch a funeral for Prince that was televised? Do you believe the TMZ reports about alleged drug use? If Prince did in fact overdose, will it change your opinion about him as an artist?

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]