Prince Cremated, Private Ceremony Held While Stevie Cries And Alabama Shakes

It’s been reported today that a private service was held with friends and family at Paisley Park for Prince, after his body was cremated.

Prince memorial fence at Paisley Park.

The Associated Press reported that Sheila E., a former protege of Prince’s, was sighted at his home.

As of this writing, there is still no information as to The Artist’s cause of death.

According to the report, the officer involved in the case was mentioned with details on the emergency response team.

“Olson, the sheriff, and a medical examiner’s office spokeswoman declined Friday to say whether prescription drugs were taken from the home after his death. Olson did say emergency workers did not administer Narcan, a drug they carry to counteract overdoses, when they responded to Paisley Park.”

While many fans have expressed sadness at the loss of a music icon, soon after the news reported the passing of Prince, Stevie Wonder was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN, where they talked about music writing and their friendship.

Stevie Wonder, also a iconic figure in the music industry, was clearly emotional in the interview, which is an emotion from him which has rarely been seen in public.

A long list of performers, who have also worked with Prince, have made statements and even held some of their own tributes.

For instance, according to a post by Inquisitr, Jennifer Hudson did a special rendition of his song “Purple Rain” with the cast of the Broadway hit The Color Purple, which the Inquisitr also reported that she would be leaving soon.

The Grammy award-winning band The Alabama Shakes also expressed their sadness on Twitter to the immediate news.

The band is currently on tour and reportedly performed a cover of one of Prince’s songs.

In February, USA Today spoke with lead singer and guitarist Brittany Howard, where they talked about her experience with meeting and performing with Prince.

Appropriately enough, since many of the eulogies over the famous musician have talked about how diverse his musical range was, a NBC Texas affiliate reported on a country music bar in a small town of Burleson, Texas, who were also holding their own tribute to Prince.

The media’s interest in that report, is that since his style of music is said to be too original to even fit the style of a country Western bar, it was where he performed live when he was touring for his second self-titled album, Prince, in 1978.

Prince’s first manager, Owen Husney, who was likely with him for those early tours was recently interviewed on NPR to talk about his musical legacy.

In the interview, Husney describes how his relationship with The Artist was different for the fact that he knew him on a more personal level, before he became famous.

Prince in Concernt Oakland, CA 2011.

He also describes how he was able to get him signed to Warner Bros. with the condition that Prince would be allowed to do what he wanted, which they agreed to.

“We kind of organized a test where they watched him in the studio. And at the end of him maybe getting halfway through the song, Lenny Waronker, who was president of Warner at that time, he pulled me out in the hallway and said, ‘We’re going to give him the complete control that you’re asking for.’ So there’s an inner talent, a drive, and then there’s this ability that’s — you either have it or you don’t.”

From the interview, despite the public reports of Prince battling the label for his independence, he continued to release even his last few albums with Warner Bros., which could imply that the label accommodated him.

In the political field, even Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had a nice tweet for Prince.

[Image by Amy Sancetta | AP Photo]