Baby's first word

Baby Talk: 10-Week-Old Baby Girl Speaks Her First Word? [Videos]

It’s every parent’s dream to have a camera running as special milestones occur in their babies’ lives. In this case, parents were astonished to catch their 10-week-old baby girl saying what they believe to be her first word.

Holly Freeman, 30, of Bromley in London, was totally amazed to hear her smiling little daughter Poppy repeat the word “hello” back to her, and captured it all on video.

With Poppy only 10-weeks-old, friends told Holly that the happy noises she was making were probably just normal baby gurgling or gas, but the mother of two children is convinced her baby was communicating with her and clearly speaking her first word as she lay on her bed.

In the adorable video footage below, taken after Holly had said “Hello” to baby Poppy several times, the happy baby, all gurgles and smiles, appears to perfectly enunciate the word “hello” for all to see, with her tiny mouth clearly forming the word.

Holly told the MailOnline, “She was a smiley, happy baby right from the start. She was making sounds and flashing me proper smiles, so I started filming her all the time.”

It turns out that having that camera running this time was the charm.

Holly said Poppy was making noises and moving her mouth, “as if she wanted to say something.” She said she took several videos that day, but it was on the last one that she watched amazed as Poppy moved her mouth to perfectly say the word, “hello.”

Reportedly, Poppy’s older sister, 6-year-old Paige, says “hello” to Poppy every day, and this may have paid off.

Ironically, at the time the video was taken, Poppy was wearing a jumper with the word “Hello” printed in English, Spanish, and French.

As reported by the Mail Online, babies do not normally learn to speak until they are at least a year old, hence the reaction of Holly and her fiancé, Ben, when Poppy uttered the greeting at such a very young age. They said they have re-watched the video over and over and to them, it is obvious the baby is greeting them with the actual word.

Holly added that “Now we’re wondering what she’ll say next!”

According to Belfast Live, this isn’t the first example of a very young baby speaking actual words and, in fact, saying the very same word, “Hello.”

Back in March, 2015, they reported the story of a seven-week-old baby who allegedly copied his mother by clearly saying the word “hello.”

The baby in question is Cillian, the son of Toni McCann from Belfast in Northern Ireland, who recorded the cute video.

It took several attempts, with Toni repeatedly saying hello and baby Cillian apparently trying to shape his mouth to respond in kind. However, eventually the tiny baby can be heard to clearly utter the full word, much to the surprise of his mother.

McCann reportedly posted the video to her Facebook page and on YouTube, where it went viral and was shared all over the Internet. With over a year passed since the video was taken, it makes one wonder what the little guy can say by now.

Watch the cute video footage below and let us know below if you believe both Poppy and Cillian were really speaking their first word, or is it just a whole lot of cute baby talk, gurgling, and gas?

[Photo via Flickr by Dru Kelly | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-ND 2.0]