Hillary Clinton never sweats, according to embedded reporter

Travelling Reporter Says Hillary Clinton ‘Never Sweats,’ Has Sueprhuman Abilities

A reporter following “the most traveled Secretary of State in history,” Hillary Rodham Clinton, was quite taken with the Secretary, and made a couple of odd and seemingly outlandish claims about her. But is it the truth or political spin?

According to the reporter from Condé Nast Traveler who traveled to Asia with Clinton, the Secretary of State “never sweats,” explaining, “No matter how high the heat, not a drop nor a drip nor a bead nor so much as the faintest glisten can be detected anywhere about her person.” It was probably meant as a compliment, reinforcing the idea that Clinton is always able to keep a cool head, but the immodestly complimentary piece strays into uncomfortable country more than a few times: “Clinton is so deft with the human touch,” he writes, also echoing other sentiments that Clinton possesses, “superhuman stamina, uncommon thoughtfulness, and a steel-trap mind.”

Now we’re not here to take anything away from Hillary Clinton, or even the author of the article. But it does cause one to wonder whether or not the flattering piece is one-part faithful record, another part political propaganda.

“Could it be true?” asks John Hudson of The Atlantic Wire. “It sounds like spin. Like a detail Clinton flaks crafted to set the tone of a flattering profile—she never loses her cool!” though Hudson quickly notes that confirmation can be had in short order, as Hillary Clinton is one of the most photographed individuals on the planet. A Google search of “Hillary Clinton” and “sweat” yields surprisingly dry results, causing Hudson to conclude that, “Hillary Clinton either suffers from a severe form of anhidrosis or uses way better antipersperant than the rest of us,” somewhat humorously conceding to the original reporter that “You sir, have stumbled on to something.”

We add to the concession as well. Don’t believe us? Google Hillary Clinton + sweat and see what you come up with. Maybe it’s not propaganda after all. Well played.