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Costco Border War: Americans Demand Canadian Free Shopping

A Costco border war has recently started over a store that sits just south of the Canada border in Bellingham, Washington.

The Costco in Bellingham receives a lot of traffic from both Canadian and American customers which leads to overcrowding at the store. According to the “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans” Facebook page, this problem could be solved by expanding the store. But city officials apparently have a rule against big box companies expanding after they’ve already been established.

The Facebook page reads:

“Costco and other big box companys in this area need to be allowed to expand or move to larger areas. Bellingham Coscto is in the top ten profitable Costcos but is still top ten smallest stores.”

And since the store can’t expand to accommodate both Canadian and American customers, a Costco border war has started on Facebook.

American customers have suggested that Costco ban Canadians or that they set up special “American Only” shopping hours. The suggestions have been deemed as racist attacks by Canadian shoppers who say they have every right to shop at the Bellingham store. webmaster Henry Tenby told CNews that many Canadians cross the border to save money on grocceries.

Tenby said:

“We shop regularly in the States, especially for groceries. I can advise that organic goods are pretty much the same cost as regular goods… On average, you’re looking at saving about 50% in terms of groceries.”

What do you think? Should Costco set up “american only” hours? American shoppers seem to think so and so do Canadian businesses.

Shafiq Jamal of the Retail Council of Canada said: “By shopping at home, Canadians support their economy and community.”