Randy Travis Surveillance Footage Sought By Police

Randy Travis Surveillance Footage Sought By Police In DWI Case

Randy Travis allegedly walked into a Tiger Mart convenience store in north Texas last week before being arrested for DWI, and now police want to see the surveillance footage from that store.

Travis reportedly walked into the store and demanded cigarettes but left in frustration shortly afterward, the Los Angeles Times reported. Not long afterward police arrested him by the side of the road, naked, and charged him with DWI.

Authorities presented a search warrant Friday for the store’s entire video surveillance footage, TMZ reported. Apparently there was no one at the store who knew how to work the tape itself.

Randy Travis ended up with a felony charge in addition to his DWI for the incident after allegedly threatening police officers who arrested him. Travis said he would shoot the officers and played celebrity while at the county jail, talking with fans and posing for photographs.

“I was hysterical — I was so excited, telling everybody, ‘I just saw Randy Travis,’ but they didn’t believe me until they saw it on the news,” fan Cassie Kearns told NBC News.

Police had previously released 911 calls that describe a naked Randy Travislying in the middle of the road with no car in sight, the Associated Press reported.

“I just found a guy laying in the road,” the 911 caller said in a recording released by the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office. The called went on to add, “I want to say he had no shirt on, but I don’t know.”

Randy Travis faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,000 for the incident.