Man In Sinking Car Saved By A Reporter On Live TV – Aged Man Attempts To Drive Through Historic Houston Flooding

Man In Sinking Car Saved By A Reporter On Live TV – Aged Man Attempts To Drive Through Historic Houston Flooding

A man was saved from a sinking car by a reporter who was about to do a live segment on the historic flooding in Houston. The aged driver was assisted in getting to safety by the reporter from local television station.

A television news reporter who was about to do a live segment on the record flooding in Houston, Texas, ended up being a rescuer to an elderly man trapped in a sinking car. The reporter directed the man, who had driven his car into an area of deep water near an underpass, on the right course of action. After the man ditched his vehicle and followed the reporter’s instructions, the latter then bravely wadded into the deep water and helped the man reach dry ground. The man in the sinking car would have likely died without the timely assistance from the reporter.

Reporter Steve Campion, from ABC station KTRK-TV in Houston was preparing to go live on breaking news coverage of the flooding across the Houston area. He was about to do a live shot in front of a flooded road when an elderly man, seemingly trapped in the steadily increasing current, went straight into an area that contained deep water. The car quickly got stuck. Sensing the danger, the lone driver opened the passenger-side window and water began rushing in.

Desperate, the man in the sinking car stuck out his head from the front passenger window. Seeing the man in distress, Campion yelled out to him.

“Dude, you’ve got to get out of the car. You’ve got to get out! Leave the car, swim.”

This prompted the driver to open the car door. However, water started rushing in. While the sudden and rapid intake of floodwater was enough to pull the car down, the elderly man was having a tough time struggling against the pressure of the water gushing in. Fortunately, even with the car sinking rapidly, the pressure balanced out and the man was able to dive into the water and away from his vehicle.

With the vehicle sinking behind him, the man desperately swam for a few feet, trying to get away from the vehicle and the strong current. However, swimming with your clothes on is very tiring. Realizing the same, Campion went right ahead to offer a helping hand. Just as the car got swallowed by the water, the reporter pulled the man to safety.

After rescuing the man from the sinking car, Campion’s training and instinct forced him to interview the man, who was later identified as Andy. Campion asked him, “Sir are you OK? Watch your step, sir.”

The man, who was clearly tired, managed to say, “I’m OK.”

Campion asked, “Did you not just think the water was that deep?”

The man said, “I did not think it was that deep. I just thought it was a puddle.”

The man even admitted that he tried to turn back the vehicle, but Campion said, “You’ve got to leave the car,” reported ABC News. According to the Harris County Emergency Management Office, the rapid flooding was the result of creeks and bayous overflowing their banks, added the news agency. The emergency officials added they have so far conducted almost 900 rescues in Houston, with 74 high water rescues in Harris County, reported WTOP. The flash flooding that has hit Houston, Texas, has claimed at least five lives, reported ITV. Hundreds have been evacuated from their homes. Emergency officials fear the number of casualties may climb since many aren’t aware of the true power of water.

[Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]