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Fernando De La Rocque ‘Paints’ With Marijuana Smoke [Photo]

Fernando De La Rocque

Fernando de La Rocque, a Brazilian artist, has redefined the way people view art with his latest masterpiece called “Blow Job.” The artist makes images of politicians and religious figures by drawing them using marijuana smoke. He uses a focused method of inhaling the smoke and then using it to dye predetermined points on a sheet of paper creating the images (see below for an example).

Rocque uses pre-cut stencils laid down on specific points of his canvas then uses the cannabis smoke to dye, paint, and shade the areas he wants to color. He makes his art as much of a political statement as he does an artistic one. Rocque is in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. He wrote in a press release that “more important than freedom to smoke marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it.”

Rocque has been in the news before with his unique style of creating art. One of his first projects was called “The Golden Cockroach,” where he took actual cockroaches, painted them gold, and put them on the market.

In an interview with Time Out Rio de Janeiro he had said at the time:

“I wanted to counteract this power to repel with the power that gold has to attract. An ugly form coupled with a beautiful color.”

As for “Blow Job,” the artist has yet to comment on how he handles the tremendous amount of marijuana he must consume in order to make the paintings, but it must be on a much higher level than any of us know.

Blow Job

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