Bonnie And Enzo's Love Story Will Be Shared In 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 7 Episode 19

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Episode 19 Spoilers: Bonnie And Enzo’s Love Story Revealled

Bonnie and Enzo’s love story was hinted at during the flash forwards throughout The Vampire Diaries Season 7. It has never really been shown, but that will happen in Episode 19, airing next week on the CW.

Julie Plec had previously confirmed that the rest of Season 7 would include “bridge backs” to what happened during the three year period that Damon allowed himself to desiccate. Really, these are flashbacks and there have already been a few to show how Stefan and Valerie spent their three years while Rayna was in The Armoury and how Bonnie ended up in the asylum.

Now it is time to learn how Bonnie and Enzo fell in love. Plec told Entertainment Weekly that very soon there will be a story line focused on the couple, so The Vampire Diaries fans know exactly how they have gotten into the position they are.

Kat Graham, who plays the witch Bonnie Bennett on the show, already confirmed that episodes 19 and 20 were going to be her big ones. After the reveal that Rayna’s blood kills witches and Enzo’s fear that there was no cure, many fans assumed that it somehow affected Bonnie.

Fans have now found out that Bonnie had been taking pills made with the blood to mask her from The Armoury. Nobody would be able to find her with a locator spell, as she worked her way into the asylum to find Alex’s sister Virginia. It turns out that the asylum act really is just an act, and she is there because she wants answers from a patient.

Enzo now also knows that Rayna’s blood is going to kill Bonnie and there is nothing he can do. The fear he shows makes it very clear that he loves her, but The Vampire Diaries fans still have no idea how they went from disliking each other intensely, to falling for each other. Something must have happened while in The Armoury during the three years to pull them together.

The next two episodes should give the full story away. Plec has confirmed they will tell the romance story, but they should also tell why The Armoury needs the Bennett witch to open the vault (the only person who can open the vault). It looks like Season 7 will end with that vault being opened, possibly because there is a cure and Alex will only give it up if Bonnie does as she is told.

It could end with Bonnie’s death—again—but that is unlikely considering Graham has confirmed she will be around for The Vampire Diaries Season 8. She said earlier this month that she will leave the show at the end of next year, even though she has no projects planned at this time. It is time for her character to bow out of the show.

It was a shock for Plec, but it means she and the writers can focus on Season 8 being the best year for Graham. They can create a story line around Bonnie that fans will love, and give the character the exit that she deserves.

Some of The Vampire Diaries fans just want to see Damon and Bonnie become friends again. Bonnie is still hurt by Damon’s decision to desiccate, knowing that she would never see him again. Is it possible that to make things up to Bonnie, he will find a way to save her?

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 continues on Friday nights on the CW. The Season 7 finale will air May 13, and the next two episodes are going to be the biggest for Bonnie Bennett.

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