Latest Dog News: Pit Bull Joins Police Force, Barking Canine Saves Girl From Drowning In Pool

Two dogs are in the news, and animal lovers are over the moon about these amazing canines. One brave canine is being praised for his lifesaving act. Another pooch, a pit bull, joined the police force.

Recently, in Jacksonville, Florida, a family’s dog (breed not identified) saved the life of a 3-year-old girl who fell into a backyard swimming pool, according to WOKV.

Before falling into the pool, the little girl was playing peacefully in the yard. The dog’s owner felt her niece was safe and took her eyes off the girl to tend to something else. Moments later, the child lost her footing and fell into the pool.

The woman’s dog noticed the girl slip into the pool. He then began barking repeatedly. The sound was enough to alert his owner about the emergency. The woman responded to her dog’s barking, and without thinking, she entered the pool to save her niece.

After rescuing the little girl out of the pool, the woman asked her neighbors to call emergency services. William Fendor, a neighbor, spoke to the media about he harrowing moment.

“She said the dog alerted her, barking. That’s why they went out and checked the pool. She found the baby in the pool and she dove in, clothes and all to save her…. The dog is a hero.”

Luckily, the little girl survived the ordeal; she was breathing when taken out of the pool. An ambulance transported the victim to Baptist Medical Center where doctors stabilized her.

Undoubtedly, had it not been for the barking dog, it is unlikely that the little girl would have been saved in time from drowning in the family pool. The image below is not about the Florida story, but it is similar and the video is quite funny.

The next story is about an American Pit Bull Terrier (or APBT) that traded in his dog bone for a law enforcement badge.

Over the years, pit bulls have become associated with harming humans and other animals. Many will call the dogs the most “dangerous breed ever.” However, one police department begs to differ with the stereotypical descriptions and has adopted the animal as their new police dog.

Usually, German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois are used as police dogs, but the Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 have collaborated to change the association with pits from good to bad and prove the dogs are safe around people, according to Little Things.

The two agencies began working to save the dogs from animal shelters and train them to be police companions. While AFFcovers the cost of training, UK9 trains the dogs like any other breed.

One of the newest doggie officers to join the police force on patrol is Klah, who works with Officer Justin Bruzgul at the Boughkeepsie Police Department. Since being trained as a police dog, Klah has been patrol-certified and has been trained to track missing people.

“It is nice to have her as my partner. I know she will be there, she will have my back if I need her and she will do whatever I need her to do,” Officer Bruzgul said.

In addition to educating the public about pit bulls, this new program has also become a cost-effective way to train dogs to work with the police agencies, as departments no longer need to spend large amounts of money to buy their animals from breeders.

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[Photo via Ildar Sagdejev/Wikimedia Commons, resized, cropped]