Lady Gaga Says ‘Divorce Is Not An Option’

Perhaps marriage is in the cards for Lady Gaga and her boyfriend of a year Taylor Kinney. It’s pure speculation for now, but one thing remains certain is that if Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, gets hitched, divorce is absolutely not an option.

Opening up for the first time on her thoughts on marriage, the outspoken and sexually free Gaga, spoke with The Sun. Speaking of her moral values and where they rest with marriage, the singer said she would never divorce because of the love and affection her grandparents had for each other. That love even inspired her Edge of Glory hit.

“My grandmother was married to my grandfather for 60 years. My parents have been married for over 30,” Gaga told The Sun. Continuing to talk about the struggle of marriage and making it work, “I have seen my mother and father stick it out and there was a time when I was younger when I really thought they might get divorced. They were fighting all the time and they were both a mess, but they stuck it out and now they are more in love than ever. That’s what I want.”

When the discussion of divorce comes up, Lady Gaga is adamant about not being up for it if problems come up in a marriage. “Divorce is not an option. I’m going to get married and that’s it, he’s stuck with me. I want to find a man that feels the same.”

It seems as though Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are still going strong after splitting briefly. Pictures of the pair skinny dipping surfaced a few weeks ago. Do you think Taylor Kinney is the right man for Lady Gaga?