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The King Of Poop? Michael Jackson Bird Poop Image Fetches Zero Bids On eBay

How much would you pay for a piece of bird poop? Nothing? What if that bird poop kind of resembled Michael Jackson? Still nothing?

An eBay users tried to capitalize on a magical piece of bird dung this weekend when he put the “king of poop” up on the online auction site. The user was asking for $500. He got nothing.

The description on eBay reads:

“Everybody has potato chips or burned crust images of the Virgin Mary… But only you will have your very own bird shat image of Michael Jackson!!! A bird pooped Michael Jackson on the windshield of my car. Your purchase will include full windshield including bird poop image.”

According to the Suntimes, Brandon Tudor of Oswego, Illinois was the man who tried to sell the king of poop. Tudor didn’t make any money from his serendipitous fecal sketch, but he’s probably not too disappointed. Before the sale Tudor said:

“One of two things will happen. It will go for an astronomical amount or I’ll get nothing.”

Are you surprised that no one bought the King Of Poop?

michael jackson