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Samuel Dye Arrested For Attempting To Rape His Grandma – Says He Couldn’t Find A Girlfriend

south carolina man arrested for attempting to rape grandma

Chester, South Carolina – Samuel Markus Dye, 20, allegedly attacked his grandmother with a hammer and then attempted to raped her. Dye’s father reportedly heard his 61-year-old mother screaming, ran into her bedroom and saw his Samuel Dye on top of his grandmother. The father, 43, pulled his son off the elderly woman, according to the Daily Mail.

Samuel Dye had allegedly complained about not being able to find a girlfriend and told his grandma he was going to “get some” before hitting her with a hammer and sexually assaulting the senior citizen. Dye’s father detained his son until police officers arrived. The alleged rape took place at the grandmother’s home after Samuel Dye arrived there around 4 am.

The grandmother told Chester, South Carolina law enforcement officers that Dye arrived at her home carrying a hammer and talking about not having a girlfriend, according to the Charlotte Observer. The woman told police officers she pleaded with her grandson to calm down and reportedly tried to get the young man to pray with her before the alleged attack began. Dye then allegedly exposed himself and attempted to rape his grandmother. The alleged rapist hit his grandmother in the head with the hammer and knocked her to the ground.

Samuel Dye’s arrest comes on the heels of another alleged grandmother rape in Colorado. Trevon Isaac, 15, was arrested for allegedly raping his 59-year-old grandma while she slept. Last year a New Orleans man was arrested for raping his double amputee, 85-year-old grandmother, the Digital Journal reports.

The Charlotte Observer also notes that Samuel Dye as no prior criminal record in South Carolina, aside from a minor moving violation. Dye is currently being held in the Chester County Detention Center on attempted murder and attempted sexual contact charges in connection to the alleged attempted rape of his grandmother.

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123 Responses to “Samuel Dye Arrested For Attempting To Rape His Grandma – Says He Couldn’t Find A Girlfriend”

  1. Toochie Twotimes Toyou

    Smh ….that's is completely sad …how could he do such a thing??? Was not having a girlfriend that serious.. just sad…he definitely has a first class ticket to hell after that

  2. Charlotte Ceejay Jones

    What is this world coming to??? Sick is all I can say!!!

  3. Anu Raah


  4. Obinna Ajuzie

    Toochie,may God help him to know the implication of what he has committed also may God have Mercy on him because were all Sinners before God and why people take this too serious is it not because he has been exposed?What if no body sees him or the Gram ma did not talk?Plz my own prayer is for God to have mercy on him and help him to change.We shouldn't condemned him immediately as we all know that there are Forces and devil is working throw and flow looking for whom to devour.

  5. Jerry Lodman

    Is it that serious that mofo's are committing such unforgivable acts on their grandparents? What the heck is wrong with these sick FUCKS that this mess is happening. Nasty bastard. Kill yourself.

  6. Nisa Williams

    He won't have to worry about ”getting some” when he get to prison big bubba gonna plug him every night for the rest of his life. #how could a person do such a horrific thing

  7. Michael Foley

    Can't judge that…don't know the entire sitch, don't know what led up to it…drugs, or whatever….but, I do know sexual frustration without a strong moral foundation instilled from a young age can be VERY volatile…regardless, go to the gym or something…call girls maybe? Idk…but what I do know is you don't violate other humans in your quest for relief. Especially Fam grandma, little kids…for real.

  8. Anonymous

    Shakir Hassan G Possessed, more like. Grandma diddlers, face eaters, female teachers gone wild….Every rule flouted at every turn. It slouches toward Astana.

  9. Anonymous

    Stephanie Carey Owen Whatever such a man looks like up close, I'm guessing that his wrong showed on his face along with his desire….strike that, his NEED.

  10. Anonymous

    call me a fanatic, but it don't take a rocket scientist to realize this world is comiing to an end…

  11. Sheldon Shelz Blackman


  12. Sherlyn Wiljams

    This boy obviously did not have strong, loving, stern, athoratitive upbringing. Spare the rod (balanced with wisdom and love) spoil the child! Too much T.V., sexually charged music, and peer ignorance and not enough present parenting are creating the worst monsters our society has ever seen! If you have children or plan to, PLEASE for the sake of your family, friends, and all society RAISE THEM!

  13. Wendy Kelly

    WTH ok this world is just getting sicker and sicker. If its not people raping babies and kids then its people raping elderly. Seriously get a hooker or use your hand. Oh and lets not forget the sickos who rape animals. This world is sick. Obama needs to make stronger laws and send them to death.

  14. Johnny Chimpo

    I just don't understand people any more. This would never have happened if you young ladies weren't so quick to turn your lovely noses up at vacant-faced young men running with hammers and hard-ons through the neighborhood.

  15. Rick Mandell

    A 61 year old Grandmother to a 20 year old african American is old. If he's 20, his mother should be 32 and grandmother should be around 43. The Grandmother should also be a great Grandmother to his twin 9 year olds and care taker of his pit bull. That's what's weird about this story.

  16. Anonymous

    Cell block D is full of girlfriends Samuel, take your pick and bend over.

  17. Anonymous

    Cell block D is full of girlfriends Samuel, take your pick and bend over.

  18. Kayla Johns

    That is so sickening! Can you imagine the poor father having to protect his mother from his child?

  19. Jira the'Creator

    Drugs, no Faith, no balance. Straight animal, beast. Hope they put him under the jail!

  20. Tigerlilly Starks

    Distgusting and is up wid ppl these days

  21. Jermaine Knight

    C'mon son, I can't see gran gran looking like eye candy here play boy. This poor guy is all kinds of confused, there are lots of ugly females out there who he can date

  22. Susan Giniger

    And with his father in the house? Must be the product of extreme inbreeding. I'd love to see an MRI of his brain–probably nothing there!

  23. Annette Lee-Moton

    Oh my…. So petty! The things I find on the Internet at odd hours in the morning smh

  24. Dominique Hartwell

    What in the actual fuck . Things like this are nothing but the devil

  25. Raven Wilber

    Look man, this is gross but stop with the prison rape jokes,….just….top -_- anyways yes this shit was not cool…

  26. Sam Dye

    What an imature and ungodly thing to post when you dont know someone or know exactly what happend.

  27. Jesus Garcia

    if you think there is more detail to the story ….witch justifies your actions,please do tell but its already out in public and nobody will listen to you or care about what you have to say….I don't know what to say to you ..imspeechless. pray to god to forgive you…..mght as well ask the devil for a pact

  28. Angela Sylvester

    One sick m-effer! Think I puked in my mouth a little!

  29. Angela Sylvester

    Sam, shove ur god up ur anus where ur bf penis is going to be. You do not deserve to breathe! May you choke on ur bf d**k!

  30. Jessica Marie Forit

    That is so disgusting!! Your grandma? Someone who you are suppose to look up to and tpu are trying to rape her? You going straight to hell! I hope someone does to you in jail the same rhing you did to your sweet and innocent grandma you sick fuck!!

  31. Crystal Wilson

    You want my number 323-477-8225 just call me

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