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Women-Only City To Be Built In Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia

There will be “no boys allowed” in a new city in Saudi Arabia. The Gulf Kingdom is planning to build a women-only city in an attempt to foster the rising aspirations of Saudi women within the restrictions of the country’s Sharia law.

RT reports that the new city will provide a modern work environment for women without defying Sharia law. The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) hopes that the women-only city will help further women’s rights in the country and allow women to peruse their own careers.

The Daily Mail reports that construction on the new city is slated to start next year. The municipality in the Eastern city of Hafuf is currently raising money for the project and expects to bring in more than 500 million riyals (US$133 million). The women-only city will create close to 5,000 jobs for women in Saudi Arabia.

The new project in Hafuf is expected to be just one of many. Modon’s deputy director-general, Saleh Al-Rasheed, said that several other cities are being planned throughout the Gulf Kingdom.

Al-Rasheed said:

We are now working on a second industrial city for women… We have plans to establish a number of women-only industries in various parts of the kingdom.”

Saudi Sharia law says that a woman’s essential duties should be in the home and forbids her to work a job. But despite the ancient law, more and more women are coming into the workforce. According to the Daily Mail, nearly 15 percent of the workforce in Saudi Arabia is comprised of women.

The Saudi government is also taking steps to liberate women. King Abdullah recently announced that women will be allowed to vote during local elections in 2015. Saudi Arabia also sent it’s first female athletes to the Olympic Games this year.

Do you think a women-only city is a good idea?

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28 Responses to “Women-Only City To Be Built In Saudi Arabia”

  1. Sandra D Sheppard

    Women have been doing it all since the beginning of time.I think it is a wonderful idea, women will be able to see doctors, earn am income for their families, and become self-sufficient.I am from Canada, so I have never heard of a women only city, but if it helps the women in saudi Arabia, Good Luck Ladies.

  2. Nancy Lortie

    Anyway it’s their country and they could do whatever they want ….. Said to say ……Can’t they live normal!
    In the midst of such an environment, what sort of spirit have we developed within our souls? Is it a loving spirit or a loveless spirit? A loving spirit consists of LOVE, where “Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.”.
    Think about it, a loving spirit gives us the ability to make our family and others happy and in the process brings joy to ourselves and all live together…love peace & happiness.

  3. Anonymous

    This is the best thing in favor of women. Now they are the super power in their domain. They are the dominant. Men who are always dominant all around the world now has no power over the domain of women. It is the best achievenent of feminist. After the success of famous five in Canada, this is the other big achievement by women.

  4. Stephanie Nouman

    Alhamdulillah Women are finally getting their place in this world. Finally being given opportunities. It's a wonderful start!!!

  5. SF Jenn

    If it is women only, they will be allowed to live apart from men? Their husbands and children? Or will it be a working city and nobody lives there? I am glad that the Saudi's are finally recognizing women so they can work and have more rights. Albeit they have to have their own city to do it in. They won't allow them to do that in the cities that are now built.

  6. John James Podborski

    A great thing. But highlights how sexist sharia law is. The fact that an all woman city has to be considered is societally pathetic.

  7. Luna ✫ Stella

    What a hypocrite way to live Unbelievable! Their religion is a battle between men and woman! …

    ALWAYS FIGHTING For their rights, not sure their souls are in peace …. All GODS will accept us the way we are and you definitely don’t need a label to show your love to God….live like the rest of us and their no more problem!

  8. Stephanie Nouman

    Its not sexist. Think back in the day like the times of Jesus and even after. Women did not work they stayed home and attended to their husband and kids. Islam did not modernize as rapidly as Christianity and other religions may have. This is a big step for Islam, giving women opportunities. It is not sexist it is a step for Islam in to the modern world. By modernizing they are still following their practices of modest women, women not interacting with men who are not their family, and their practices of Islam. So stay positive they are not being sexist they are opening a new door of opportunity for women while still following Islamic law.

  9. John James Podborski

    The idea of an all woman city is not what I am saying is sexist. I'm saying sharia law is. Heaven forbid somebody criticize a religion other than christianity . The western world's step into the "modern world" was less about segregation and had an integrated approach to women's rights. What you are saying is that Islam is regressive ("Islam did not modernize as rapidly as Christianity and other religions may have"). The idea of an all woman city should not have to be seen as giving opportunity… women should be able to have opportunity at home and be with the people that matter to them while they get it.

    My criticism is not of the new idea, but rather of the idea that forced this to be an idea (Sharia Law). I guess you ignored the first thing I said "A great thing".

  10. Stephanie Nouman

    Well, I am 30 years old John. I was Christian all my life until four years ago. I reverted to Islam and I would never regret my decision. I understand what you are saying about the Islamic laws being sexist, but if they were not strict with women as they are then they would be living the "American life" (I was born and still live in USA). I don't agree with women easily having sexual relations with men, I don't agree with the way women dress, and I don't agree with the way teens are being raised these days. Many religions have modernized. Had they not we we would have lived in the world we are in today. If you have daughters then you understand. You right it is a great thing. It is a step being taken in sharia law or islamic laws that give women a sense of independence rather than being dependent on men. The reason an all woman city is a great opportunity is because of the natural attraction men and women have and to avoid any sin before marriage it is a good idea to have them seperated. I appreciate you opinion and if I have offended you or appeared argumentative it was not my intention. My purpose for responding to you was to educate you on islamic laws because it is not sexist just very strict .

  11. John James Podborski

    You're missing the point. I'm 26, grew up in a devout christian household and don't care much for organized religion anymore because I've been there, experienced it and studied it (touching on all religions. Even tribal ones). Your adherence to your religion has blinded you to the facts: that sharia law is in fact sexist. Honour killings? Where the male involved only has to suspect adultery or observe an lusty glance in order to justify killing his wife and partner?

    Conversely, I would say the catholic church is also sexist for not allowing women to be priests. In the grand scheme of religion, if the rights are restricted or "stricter" for one gender, over the other, IT IS SEXIST. Furthermore, the idea that women should have to dress to cover themselves is silly because it is based upon the fact that men can't control themselves (which I find particularly offensive. But in your culture it is just accepted) so you dress that way to protect yourselves and to help men not be overtaken by lust and potentially rape you. This is a major societal flaw. If your culture didn't overlook women's rights over and over again, rape would be less of an issue and you could dress how you want. Telling girls "dress this way so you don't get raped" should not even be on the table and points to more societal flaws within Sharia. Don't even get me started on how even STONINGS favour men over women. The fact is, religious leaders need to address these problems full on and stop being REGRESSIVE. Segregation is anything but progressive.

  12. Stephanie Nouman

    I'll end this conversation because you are taking Islam to a whole level that does not even make sense "raped" "stoning". Sorry John you were taught about sharia law from centuries ago. We have also modernized but not to the extent of other religions. Good Luck and sorry you are so closed minded. You should try befriending a Muslim and talk with them. Get the facts about Islam not what a teacher in a class room will teach you, or what a book will try and explain to you (most likely because the author is against Islam). You should try to understand Islam to the full extent. How much sense does it make if I was never Christian and did the research on Christianity and judged it based on its past practices and not the present. Have a great life John. Remember me when you see a Muslim and try to befriend them.

  13. Stephanie Nouman

    Just to set the record straight we dress modestly so men do not lust over our bodies because lust is a sin. If a man looks at us once its forgivable but if a man looks a second time to see what he likes it is a sin. I don't know about other women but I don't like men lusting over me. Lust is a natural instinct of a man for a woman. So while a man may say I can control it, it cannot be controlled for very long. I have faith in God and his teachings. If God says it is a natural instinct of a man to lust for a woman, sorry I believe it. It almost sounds like you are saying if women would show their bodies and allow men to lust over them then we would not have rapes occurring. OMG!!!! I don't even know what to think or say of this way of thinking. I have always been an open minded and diverse person. I have friends of many different religions and rather than judge them or stereotype them I learn from them. You should try it.

  14. John James Podborski

    Oh yeah because stonings don't happen in modern islam…. ? You just can't bring yourself to see the societal flaws that come with combining religion and state.

    Strange to see converts that convert for any reason other than being able to marry a man who wants them to convert. I also notice you didn't defend the honor killings statement… is that because you agree with it? Or do you just look for key words to launch your assault. I have muslim friends… I dont befriend (or don't befriend) people because of their religion or beliefs, i befriend them because I like who they are apart from religion. I don't judge people based on how they practice their religion, I judge people based on how they interact.

  15. Piper Canine

    Stephanie Nouman If you were Christian ALL your life you did NOT revert, you converted to Islam. I will never understand why a woman would voluntarily subsugate herself to be oppressed by a man. And as far as "natural" attraction goes, from what I can tell it is the men having a hard time to keep it in their pants. I thought there was a difference between humans and animals, but maybe some are not quite as evolved as others. Please do not see that as "hate", but I am really curious, why any educated, confident woman would convert to Islam. Also, on a side note… If this would be done in a civilized country, it would be called segregation. It would be equal to creating a black only, white only or male only city.

  16. Samee Kamal

    that's a token for their enslavement, and by the way a woman must take permission to leave her residence to go anywhere.

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