alligator attack

Alligator Wrestling At Ohio Fair Goes Terribly Wrong [Video]

An alligator chomped its forceful jaws on trainer Daniel Beck’s arm during a recent alligator wrestling show at the Cuyahoga County Fair in Ohio. Beck was wrestling with the alligator when the massive reptile was able to reach around and snag the trainer’s arm between its extremely sharp teeth.

The alligator trainer circled the gator in an attempt to wrestle the creature from behind, a move he reportedly had done successfully many times before. The alligator clamped down on Beck’s arm at the elbow as folks at the Cuyahoga County Fair in Ohio quickly covered the eyes of children in the audience.

“My arm was just a little bit too high and it ended up in the wrong place,” Daniel Beck said according to interview excerpts republished by the New York Daily News.

Alligator show producer Bert Lucas is shown in the amateur video which captured the alligator attack, trying to pull the animal’s jaws apart to free the trainer’s arm. Through the use of a stick as a pry bar, Lucas is finally able to get Daniel Beck’s arm out of the alligator’s mouth. Before running off to garner medical attention, Beck told the crowd, “These things happen.”

The alligator trainer did not suffer any muscle or nerve damage as a result of the alligator attack. Bert Lucas maintains an alligator’s bit is similar to placing your hand in a vice and cranking the tool as tight as possible – and then cranking it about six cranks further. Alligator trainer Daniel Beck went away from the Ohio alligator wrestling attack with nothing more than a few stitches to his arm.