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Tommy Lee Jones On Romance And Relationships: ‘They’re Boring’

Tommy Lee Jones and his current wife

Despite his starring role in an upcoming romantic comedy about a couple trying re-ignite their marriage, actor Tommy Lee Jones finds long-term romantic relationships … well … kind of boring, really.

Tommy Lee Jones co-stars with Meryl Streep in the new romantic comedy Hope Springs about a middle-aged couple attending an intense, week-long couples therapy session in order to put the spark back into their 30-year marriage, according to IMDb. The subjects of romance and relationships came up in a recent interview, and Jones spilled the beans concerning his interest in the film and his thoughts on long-term relationships.

“The movie is about real things. That was appealing,” Jones said in an interview with My San Antonio. “People in long-term relationships get bored and frustrated while they’re dependent on one another at the same time, and get into a rut. It happens to everybody. And this movie is about how funny that can be.”

Co-star Meryl Streep jumped in to soften Jones’s comments some: “And about the possibilities,” Streep adds. “The hope – ‘Hope Springs’ – that there is a way to reignite a conversation in a marriage, or a connection.”

So Tommy Lee Jones isn’t a hopeless romantic. So what?

For inspiration in his role, he definitely has plenty of personal experience to pull from. Tommy Lee Jones is currently on his third wife, according to The Examiner. His current wife is Dawn Laurel, who is about 20 years his junior. They’ve been married since 2000. His previous wives were Katherine Lardner and Kimberlea Cloughley. He was married to Lardner for seven years and Cloughley for fifteen.

Do you agree with Tommy Lee Jones? Do long-term relationships get boring and lose some of their romance? Sound off!

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22 Responses to “Tommy Lee Jones On Romance And Relationships: ‘They’re Boring’”

  1. Thomas Eugene Morson

    Imagine all the people, living life indeed.
    You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.
    I hope someday you join us and the world will live as one.

  2. Vickie Turner-Lemonds

    No, we have been married 35 plus years and are never bored. I would marry him again in a heartbeat and don't even want to know the other possibilities. After a disasterous marriage in his 20s, he has always known just how good he has it. He is my true love, my soulmate and I only want to share my life with him. Our two wonderful sons make us so proud that while other marriages were rocky or ending, ours was getting better! Thanks, sweetie!

  3. Mieka Speir

    Boring, no. But it is very easy to let life get in the way of spending time together. Then people confuse that with growing apart. I applaud this movie for celebrating marriage and showing a couple fighting to keep it going.

  4. Mark Hobart

    Hell, even short-term relationships get boring. Problem is that pople live much longer compared to a few generations past. Now a days you can find yourself married and in a relationship for 50 years plus. Can anyone stand anyone for decades?

  5. William Cormeny

    First, Jones and Clint Eastwood, and various other stonefaced heroes do not inspire.
    A flnch is considered like Jack Nicholson's eyebrows, and Elvis's sneer acting genius in Hollywood.
    Secondly, the expression there are other fish in the ocean applies to everyone of all sexual persuasions.Ex-wives of movie stars have many assets and great amounts of liquidity.
    Third, unless you enjoy climbing Everest, racing around the globe solo on a yacht, charging into enemy positions, or formula one racing stimulating, then you might be bored quite frequently.
    Lastly, why don't the authors interview the wives?

  6. Anonymous

    Marriage would never have to be boring IF both parties would work at keeping it alive. Unfortunately that doesn't always occur and you have one who sits in front of the TV constantly while the other is either bored out of her mind or having to seek to entertain herself.

  7. Chuck Courtnay

    Base a marriage on God's Holy Word and things will be much easier than if a marrige is based on mutual satisfaction or hollywood's idea of progressive polygamy. Hollywood marriages are based on nothing but lust and mutual satisfaction. That is nothing more than moral relativeism, which is basically secular humanism. If God's way of marriage does not ever enter the picture the marriage is probably doomed from the start. Everything needs to be based on God's word. From sex to household finances. It must be God's way or the highway. One man, one womon in a covenant marriage totally dedicated to God the father, binding forever.

  8. Mechelle Angel

    Long Term relationships or marriage there all what the two of you put into them. If it gets boring, Then your not putting enough of yourself into that relatonship! Stop being selfish and share yourself, show your loved one daily they are important to you. No wonders so many divoces in the world, when selfish people won't work at it daily!

  9. Mark Hobart

    Really? I would say 50% cannot. Of the other 50%, half just don't see many other options. But, lets say that 25% actully do make it the entire way; like until death do us part. God bless them.

  10. Olia Seddiqui

    He must get involved in the wrong relationships for the wrong reasons and also is boring himself…looking for excitement from his mate alone.

    He just needs to grow up and face reality.

  11. Patricia Calef

    I've been with my husband for 33 years. Never boring. People just don't want to put in the work anymore into long relationships. I've always loved my husband. Except on the days I want to kill him.

  12. Mark Hobart

    @Calef congrats. And that is exaclty what I wrote. Some make it work others don't. It's 50 / 50 these days. It's called life….

  13. Chiclito Adams

    Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones middle age! Please. More like Stone Age! Call it what it is a senior flick!

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