washington suprmarket shooting

Washington Supermarket Shooting, Customers Tackle And Restrain Armed Female Shooter

Wauna, WA – Three men were shot and another injured at the Key Peninsula grocery store after a woman, 20, walked through the door wielding a gun and indiscriminately began firing. A customer who bravely tacked the supermarket shooter is credited with saving the lives of other shoppers and staff.

Wauna law enforcement officers were called to the supermarket shooting scene at approximately 12:45 pm Saturday night. Key Peninsula grocery store shooting witness statements note the female shooter entered the store, walked around briefly, and then opened fire.

Two male shoppers, one in his 70s and one in his 30s, were both shot by the female supermarket shooter. Police officers do not currently believe the woman knew the victims, but the investigation is still ongoing. A 20-year-old male cashier also suffered a minor leg injury from a ricocheting bullet, Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor stated during a News Tribune interview. KIRO-TV reports the female shooter told arresting officers that she “didn’t like” the customers she shot.

“This is a very calm place, no history of shooting. This is unique and shocking to people in the community that this kind of thing could take place,” Sheriff Pastor told KIRO-TV

Customers in the Washington supermarket converged on top of the shooter after another Key Peninsula shopper tackled her to the ground and sat on her until police officers arrived on-scene. Ian Warren, a pharmacist working in a store next door ran in to help when he heard the shooting. He suffered a serious gunshot wound to the midsection, his current condition is unknown. Wauna is in a somewhat rural area and is known as a very community oriented town with a low crime rate.