Roger Penske's Sons Arrested

Roger Penske’s Sons Arrested, Will Face Pretrial August 20

Roger Penske‘s sons were arrested in Nantucket, Massachusetts after they allegedly broke into the Nantucket Yacht Club and assaulted two women in the club’s parking lot.

Jay Penske, 33, and Mark Penske, 35, were arrested on South Beach Street early Thursday morning, reports The Detroit Free Press. The police report notes that one woman saw the brothers urinating in the parking lot. When she confronted Jay, the report states:

” [Jay] turned and continued to urinate on her boots. He then proceeded to grab her arm and push her. (The woman) also states that Mark before he ran away pushed her and they both then ran to the house on Yacht Club property.”

Another woman involved in the incident corroborated the story. While Jay Penske, who owns IndyCar team Dragon Racing and is also the CEO of PMC, a media and technology company, was stopped by police while he was retreating from the club, Mark was reportedly located at the yacht club employee apartment where he had tumbled down a staircase, cutting his right arm.

The Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror reports that Roger Penske’s sons have hired Jim Merberg, a Boston attorney who also practices in Nantucket to represent them in the case. They interviewed one witness in the case, who stated that, “We thought they were drunk (expletive) tourists.”

The Penske brothers spent the night in the Nantucket Police Department’s lockup facility before being arraigned on Thursday morning. The charges against them are breaking and entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a misdemeanor. The Penskes did not post bail, appearing handcuffed during the arraignment while wearing their clothes from the day before. They were both released on personal recognizance and are scheduled to appear for pretrial hearings on August 20.