Pig Pornography Case

Pig Pornography Case Still Moving Forward Despite Hiccups

Jerry Wilson, president of Premier Adjusters Inc, is rumored to enjoy pig pornography so much that he forced his employees to watch a video featuring a woman engaging in sexual activity with a swine, according to The Houston Press. In addition to this questionable activity, Wilson also allegedly sent pictures of his genitals to a few of his female workers. However, the high point of these interactions came when Wilson reportedly asked one woman if she a “big ole gooden or a good ole biggen.”

Not surprisingly, the women who were subjected to Wilson’s antics experienced some mental trauma, the lawsuit explains. In addition to battling “severe emotional distress”, the women also suffered “nausea, sleeplessness, night terrors, loss of sexual desire, depression, and loss of enjoyment of life.” Although you may think this is an open and shut case, pinning the tail on Wilson has been a bit more difficult than the plaintiffs imagined.

Beth Parchman, the woman who originally brought the suit against Wilson, has been dropped from the case after failing to provide medical evidence of her emotional distress. Attorney David Mestemaker, who is leading the charge against Parchman’s former employer, says his client did not produce proper medical evidence in accordance with the Texas Labor Law.

“He was texting me pictures of his…of his — stuff,” Parchman told The Houston Post in regards to Wilson’s alleged behavior. “Implying that he was masturbating and sending me pictures all over. He’s a total and complete pig. He’s insane. Completely insane.” She also believes that Mestemaker may have accepted bribes from Wilson, which may explain why she was dropped from the case.

Mestemaker, meanwhile, claims he did nothing of the sort. He also states he never told Parchman to not worry about the medical records. “I’ve never been paid a penny on this case, and it’s cost a significant amount of my money developing this case,” he explained.

The lawyer is currently moving forward with the suit against Wilson, which is rumored to head into the court system this November.