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Stephanie Rice Speaks Out About Kobe Bryant Affair Rumors

Stephanie Rice Kobe Bryant Affair Rumors

Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice is the victim of yet another scandal as she attempted to quell the Olympic-sized rumors that she and Kobe Bryant of the USA Men’s Basketball team are having an affair.

The New York Daily News reports that the Australian swimmer that took to Twitter earlier this summer to show off her body in a sexy swimsuit, took to the same microblogging site to write:

“FYI yes Kobe and I are friends, but no we are not together and never have been. Can’t guys and girls be just friends..? He’s an amazing athlete and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and many other great athletes in my Olympic journey.”

The gold medalist’s announcement came after rumors from Rice’s fellow countrymen began circulating that she and the NBA star may have a romantic relationship. Former Olympian Craig Stevens was one who believed the rumors after the two were spotted watching cycling at the velodrome. Stevens stated:

“I think there’s definitely something going on. I remember her telling a story how he kind of put it to her. He had the family coming in the next day but he had that night free.”

While Stevens has apologized for his comments since then, his apology has done nothing to stop the firestorm of rumors surrounding Stephanie Rice and Kobe Bryant. The Daily Mail notes that Rice, whose former jobs included being an avid pole dancer, has already flaunted her relationship with Bryant when she posted pictures with her arm around the NBA star, writing, “First piccy with a “star” going to be hard to beat… Kobe.”

Stephanie Rice Kobe Bryant Affair Rumors

Despite allegations from his wife that he has cheated on her no less than 105 times during their 10 year marriage, Vanessa and Kobe Bryant seem to have patched their relationship up, despite being on the verge of divorce just two months ago. Last week the pair appeared to be enjoying themselves as they watched the final Olympic swimming match with their daughter, six-year-old Gianna Maria-Onore.

What do you think of the rumors that Kobe Bryant is having an affair with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice?

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18 Responses to “Stephanie Rice Speaks Out About Kobe Bryant Affair Rumors”

  1. Alun Williams

    he has definitely tasted her before. kobe loves the white woman and will follow them to the very end. why is he going to watch the cycling with the white girl when his beautiful olive skinned gorgeous wife is in the same London town there to support him?
    kobe needs to put the white girl down, wash the scales off his eyes and see that these white girls are not even pretty in anyway. how can you like a woman who has blue eyes or pig-type skin.
    if she doesn't have brown eyes, a phat ass and dark skin she shouldn't even be on a Real man's radar.

  2. Black Brown

    Me to but why speak out against a brother whites don't speak out against each other even though they are wrong they do it in a private manner learn something never go against your own

  3. Frank Bigfrank

    good luck Stephanie-who wouldn't fall in love with her instantly–its good publicity-i can see Stephanie moving to the usa-to do something with her life..cause there's not much happening in aust..

  4. Paula Qualls Gurley

    So just because they know each other and may have had the opportunity means they did? What a bunch of nasty minded little window peepers! They both deny it, and obviously his wife doesn't really give a damn, so what's the big deal? BTW, what the hell does race have to do with it?

  5. Richard Swader

    So what he was seen with her and what's wrong with white women.all women are beautiful son.if u don't like white women that's ur choice but save the stupid ass remarks for ur own enjoyment

  6. Emily Hudson

    That one guys comment sounds real damn ignorant! It wouldn't let me comment on it blue eyes with pig like skin wtf dude go jump off a bridge with your racist ass! Ugh lucky they didn't let me comment

  7. Adeline Letour

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  8. Anonymous

    kobe loves splooging on white girls faces. dark skin doesn't arouse his taboo side.

  9. Anonymous

    wow. racist ass. firstly white women can have thick/curvy bodies, secondly wtf is wrong with blue eyes? so by your racist spectrum brown eyes with yellowish whites on a black man are attractive? You're a mess of deep seeded issues..

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